Yet another promise from Kimberley Process

Kimberley Process Certification System official, Estanislau Buio, announced the KP commission’s main priorities last week in Lunada, which include a follow-up on situation in Central Africa Republic and Venezuela, assisting Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea Conakry to resume exports of raw diamonds, improve internal control mechanisms and develop artisan diamond exploration.

Kimberley Process Certificate and rough diamonds.

These goals were expressed at the 3rd Consultative Council of Ministry of Geology and Mining where Angola took up presidency of Kimberley Process. The goals, however, look impossible to achieve in the 1.5 years timeframe Angola has before its term expires in 2015.

Kimberley Process has been widely criticized for its lack of teeth when it comes to efficacious execution of following conflict-free practices while procuring and reselling diamonds, by member countries. In 2011, Global Witness, the pioneer organization of Kimberley Process, quit the scheme claiming that Kimberley Process has not been able to meet its objective of stopping conflict diamonds from Cote d’Ivoire, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Angola to make their way into world-wide markets and “most of the governments that run the scheme continue to show no interest in reform.” 

Despite the clear divergence from the very purpose it was formed, Kimberley Process’ recently announced priorities especially of assisting in resuming trade from conflict-zones seem to be misplaced and threatens to defeat the intent of stopping blood diamonds entering the markets.



  1. Superficial changes from KP is only a hogwash!! Industry should scrap KP and come out with a better solution that is NOT controlled by the member countries and takes care of conflict of interest.

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