World’s largest pink Lab-grown diamond unveiled by ALTR

Largest pink Lab-grown diamond
[Image courtesy - ALTR Diamonds]

ALTR Created Diamonds, the Lab-grown diamonds venture of R.A. Riam Group has been a pioneer in the Lab-grown diamond industry. With a global presence, ALTR is capturing imagination of modern customers with larger carats at better value. For the holiday season last November, ALTR launched a Shine Brighter Campaign offering their diamonds with over 250 premium jewellers.

Recently, at Warren Buffetowned Borsheims Jewelry Store during Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Weekend 2018, ALTR unveiled the largest created pink diamond. The Lab-grown diamond is a Fancy Orangy Pink Asscher cut and weighs 3.99 carat with VS2 clarity. It is certified by GCAL and is available for purchase through the weekend at the Berkshire Hathaway event.

The pink Lab-grown diamond named ‘Pink Rose’ is valued at USD 110,000, the otherwise mined pink diamond of the same size and similar colour would value for more than USD 1 million. Apart from the largest pink diamond, ALTR also showcased a selection of pink Lab-grown diamonds ranging from 1-3 carats. With a total of 10 pink diamonds displayed at Borsheim, ALTR aims to display 20 more for the JCK Las Vegas show.

Amish Shah, Founder and CEO of ALTR Created Diamonds, a third-generation diamond and jewelry manufacturer said, “ALTR is honored to be selected as the Exclusive Created Diamond Bridal Brand available at Borsheims Fine Jewelry Store. We couldn’t be more excited to bring our unique brand of Created Diamonds to such an American institution and thrilled to present the world’s largest pink Created Diamond during this year’s Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Weekend.”

Borsheims Fine Jewelry Store was one of the first in America to bring ALTR Created Diamonds to the market. Pink diamonds have always been desirable, mainly because of its rarity. Now, with the created version of Pink diamonds they are going to be affordable and an immediate choice for women.

Amish Shah said, “It was the biggest honour in retail jewlery industry to be at Berkshire to present the diamonds and the brand.”

The first line of jewelry set in gem-quality Lab-grown diamonds was debuted by Amish in 2006 at a trade show in Las Vegas. Started off with his family business of diamond-trading and fine jewelry making just when he was 16, Amish started applying his passion for technology to upgrade centuries-old-jewelry-making traditions.

After years of research, Amish and his brother, Ritesh formed R.A. Riam Group, a diamond and fine-jewlery manufacturer and distributor in New York. Their goal was to disrupt the USD 80 billion diamond industry by manufacturing perfect white diamonds. It took four years of R&D to finally take Lab-grown diamonds to the retail market for ALTR. ALTR not only grows, cuts and polishes its Lab-grown diamonds, but it also designs, manufactures and distributes fine Created Diamond Jewelry.

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