Why ‘Natural is Real’ is a Deceitful Campaign

Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) plans to further promote its spurious ‘Natural is Real’ campaign, which was launched last year, during this year’s Israel Diamond Week too. To be held next month at Diamond Dealers Club of New York (DDC), the event will witness IDE’s efforts to trick and distract the entire diamond industry through its devious marketing crafts. The campaign is incongruous because of its faulty reasoning and direction.

First, by referring to earth-mined diamonds as ‘natural’ and the only ‘real’ deal, it insinuates that Lab-grown diamonds are not real. Except for the place of origin, that there is absolutely no difference between a mined diamond and a lab-grown diamond, whether physically, chemically, optically or thermally, is a well-established fact.

Orchids are elegant flowers that grow across almost all continents. With the right environment and settings, Orchids do grow in Greenhouses too. Just because these Orchids grew in Greenhouses and not in Amazon rainforests, it does not make them artificial, synthetic or unreal.

Orchids inside a greenhouse


Vegetables are generally grown in farms. But Fujitsu converted an idle factory into an ‘Organic Lettuce Farm’ (a sort of Greenhouse). By giving the right atmosphere (water, humidity, temperature etc.), Fujitsu is able to grow lettuce that is same as those grown on farms, from any aspect (maybe even better sometimes).

Fujitsue ORganic Letuce Farm



Similarly, Lab-grown diamonds are grown in Labs (‘Diamond-growing Greenhouses’) that provide the right atmosphere for growth of diamonds as it happens inside earth. Calling them anything besides real diamonds is absurd.

Unfortunately, apart from IDE, some other players too have been involved in the proliferation of misleading statements. De Beers had also launched their initiative to call any diamond that doesn’t come from earth as ‘synthetic(s)’ and not even ‘synthetic diamonds’.

If the nomenclatures and other policies are left in the care of malicious intentions of some vested interests then they may call a Test-tube baby ‘synthetic’ and not even a ‘synthetic baby’!!! This is like equating a baby born with support of Test-tube process as not a ‘Real’ baby at all and maybe some kind of an alien!!!

Test Tube Baby


Second, the campaign instigates one to believe that everything is hunky dory for the industry, when in reality the industry is facing a glut of issues and challenges including rapid depletion of supply and reserves, encroachment on its market pie by other luxury products etc.

Moreover, mined diamonds come with their own set of curses – air pollution, atmosphere degradation, soil displacement, habitat destruction, wildlife threat, inhuman conditions and so on, which the industry has not been able to successfully address yet. If deaths of over 4 million people over mining of diamonds is ‘Natural’, then that’s the ‘Reality’ of mined diamonds. (‘Schemes’ like Kimberley Process Certification Scheme merely remains a scheme only and not even worth mentioning)


Israel’s diamond industry is on decline. Its once historical clout on diamond processing was shifted to centres like India and its diamond trading business is also under immense threat from new global diamond capitals including Dubai. It’s then not unfathomable why IDE is engaging in such malicious acts – to garner more popularity by distracting the industry players from real issues and trying to build a unique image for itself that it hopes will help in gaining back some of its lost sheen. Some months ago, it engaged in similar theatrics by banning Lab-grown diamonds on its trading floor. Its push for ‘Natural is Real’ campaign clearly indicates its desperation level.

It’s in the best interest of the industry to be careful of not falling prey to such beguiling and malignant gimmicks and instead focus on solving the real issues.



  1. Diamond miners do lot of harm of to the society and people.. They engage in such shameful tactics too!!

  2. Maybe we should start a campaign of calling all natural diamonds , “blood diamonds” or “blood stones” since the natural industry seems so hell bent on renaming lab grown diamonds as just “synthetics”….this should be used in all comments, interviews and “guidlines for the informed consumer…”

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