What’s new happening in 3D printed jewelry space?

3D printed jewelry made by sound waves, Lockheed Martin files a patent for a diamond printing 3D printer, India-based 3D printing jewellery startup raises $5 million as seed money and much more.

3D Printed Jewelry
[Image Courtesy: Nervous System Blog, Jessica, Cell Cycle]

3D-printed jewelry made by your sound waves

3D Printed Jewelry
[Image Courtesy: 3d print, Encode]
Art is a reflection of human feelings. Artists express through their creations. But, have you ever wondered jewelry could be translation of your feelings or voice? A Japanese company, 3DWave have been offering some off-the-track services like generated 3D models from animated videos and 3D printed rings from pictures of your pets. Recently, they launched one of the coolest ventures called ‘Encode Ring’. A customer can record few meaningful words on its website and see the voice getting translated into the design of a ring. An amazing experience of one’s voice getting materialized, literally! Customer can then choose a metal to be used to manufacture that ring. 3DWave manufactures it using 3D printing technology and delivers anywhere in the world. The pricing is reasonable too, thanks to cost advantage of 3D printing technology.


Diamond printing 3D printer by Lockheed Martin

3D Printed Jewelry
[Image Courtesy: 3ders, Lockheed Martin]
Aerospace and Defense Tech giant, Lockheed Martin has filed a patent for new of a kind of 3D printer that can print objects of virtually any shape out of synthetic diamonds. Though, this machine’s primary purpose is to develop equipments like ultra-strong drill bits, saws, knives, lightweight armor etc., it could be used to print customized diamond jewelry. This machine would use a pre-ceramic polymer and nano-particle filter to create synthetic diamond objects. Thus it is a new gizmo for jewelry industry to create diamond jewelry while offering close to non-restricted customization.


De Beers using 3D printers for diamond detection machines

3D Printed Jewelry
[Image Courtesy: TCT Magazine, De Beers]
De Beers has recently acquired two 3D printers from Stratasys – ‘Fortus 360mc’ and ‘Dimension 1200es’ to ramp its production of parts and equipment for its diamond detection machines. The installation has recently been completed in its diamond R&D centre in Maidenhead, UK. The 3D printing capability has enabled De Beers to fast-track prototyping and testing of its designs.



3D printed jewelry based on geometrical shapes and forms

3D Printed Jewerly
[Image Courtesy: MyMiniFactory, Genevieve Black Jewellery, 3d printing industry]
Founder of Genevieve Black JewelleryGeneviene Schwartz, who is also a featured designer on MyMiniFactory, has recently designed a collection of 3D printed jewelry based on geometrical shapes and forms inspired by mathematics. The 15 piece collection was first printed in resin using 3D printer before molded and casted in Sterling Silver.



3D printing jewellery startup raises $5 million seed money

3D Printed Jewelry
[Image Courtesy: Techinasia, Melorra]
India based 3D printing jewellery startup – Melorra has raised USD 5 million as seed money. Founded in May this year by Saroja Yeramilli, Melorra aims to disrupt the Indian jewelry industry by bridging the ‘wardrobe mismatch’ gap, using a no inventory model and fast churning new designs and collections. Over 60% of Melorra’s designs are available for less than INR 30,000 (~ USD 460) and the startup promises 10 day delivery to its currently serviced 3,900 pin codes.


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