Three Tips For Buying Vintage Engagement Rings

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There are few investments more emotionally charged than the purchase of an engagement ring, whether modern or vintage. The desire to own both a piece of history and the workmanship of an era increases the significance of buying vintage engagement rings dramatically. In the process of completing this momentous purchase, there are many things to know. To help ease the process, here are three tips for buying the best vintage engagement rings.

1. Buy from a reputable jeweler

Don’t hesitate to ask about any certifications, the process by which the stock was selected and purchased, and the types of repairs your jeweler is capable of handling. Doing your research prior to purchase can save a lot of time and trouble later. Reputable jewelers such as Estate Diamond Jewelry can make the purchase process of vintage engagement rings easy.

2. Know the 4 Cā€™s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat

Engagement Ring
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These are the determining factors for the value of a diamond. Cuts can include princess, old mine, and round brilliant, all of which affect the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond. Carat size refers to the weight of a stone ā€” generally, one carat equates to roughly 0.2 grams. Clarity refers not to the clearness of a stone, but to the inherent flaws and imperfections in the stone. While some flaws are large enough to be visible to the human eye, others can only be seen under a magnifier or loupe. Color refers to the variation of hues in a diamond, which can range from white to pink and yellow.

3. Educate yourself

With so many different types of antique engagement rings, time and effort is often required to find the perfect ring and understand the period from which it originates. Whether you like Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco, or Art Nouveau styles, you need to know what the differences are and how to tell them apart. A few helpful pieces of information to consider include:

  • What metal interests you? Gold, platinum, white gold, and silver are all representative of certain eras.
  • What themes are you looking for? Georgian jewelry, for example, focused primarily on nature. While that theme carried into the Victorian era, it was supplemented with flourishes such as bows and hearts.
  • What types of stones are you considering? While diamonds are the traditional stone for an engagement ring, there have certainly been some breathtaking pieces made with centerpiece sapphires, emeralds, and rubies as well.
  • What kind of detailing are you looking for? Intricate wire working, fine filigree, and milgraining techniques all have their place in their respective eras. Discovering what you like and what looks best on you can sometimes be a process.

Finding the perfect ring, whether Edwardian or vintage Art Deco engagement rings, requires research and patience. Remember that these rare treasures cannot be purchased in any store and that working with a jeweler to find the unique piece that best suits your preferences may not happen overnight. If your goal is to bring a piece of history with you into your future, buying a vintage or antique engagement ring may be precisely the right choice.


  1. Educating yourself does seem like a smart thing to do if you want to get a vintage engagement ring. I would love to have vintage ring. But it does seem like you would need to know how to care for the ring.

  2. Thanks for the tips for buying vintage jewelry. I like how you talked about educating yourself about the ring and the shop. That information would definitely help you find the best ring and jewelry shop.

  3. I couldn’t agree more when you mentioned that buying from a reputable jeweler can save a lot of time and trouble later. I will surely keep this in mind when I eventually shop around for an engagement ring. Thanks for the advice.

  4. My uncle has been thinking about getting some different jewelry that he wants to use for a costume for others. He would really like to get them from a professional so that it will be more authentic and realistic. It was interesting to learn about how nature was normally found in Georgian pieces while filigree is in another era.

  5. My little brother came to me yesterday and asked for my help in picking out the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend. She is extremely eccentric and unique, so I think that getting her an antique ring would be the best option! You make a great point that finding the perfect ring will take patience and research as well as working with a reputable jeweler.

  6. Iā€™m looking for a diamond jewellery for my wife. Read this post its very informative. Keep it up buddy.Iā€™m not too picky on price but I will want to see about getting a custom ring as I want it to be unique for my wife.

  7. This article is really helpful for me. Now, i can pick a beautiful engagement ring for my fiancee by your guidance. I’m thinking about to give a black diamond vintage engagement ring as she likes the black color and black jewelry most. Is black diamond suitable for an engagement ring?

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