Themed Jewelry (Read Disney, Game of Thrones) sets new trend in Jewelry Design

Gone are the times when Jewelry was predominantly made only for wedding occasions. Themed jewelry is the new trending item in the market.Royalty Free - GoT

Die-hard Disney and Game of Thrones fans can now own jewelry inspired and crafted from the famous characters and series. You can now get a bracelet charm modeled after your favorite Disney character or a Game of Thrones House Banner Band Ring inscribed with the house motto.

Themed jewelry is no longer cheap, tacky pieces worn by college kids and bought in comic book stores. As the markets are wooing young buyers, they have to adopt newer designs that would appeal to this segment. The challenge for retailers is to be trendy and classy. Many companies are rising to this challenge and among them are Pandora and Pyrrha.

Pandora has signed a deal with Disney to create jewelry designs inspired from Disney’s famous characters. The deal would also allow Pandora to brand themselves at Disney Theme Parks. Pandora is a 32-year-old company, headquatered in Copenhagen, employs 9,000 people world wide and is known for its themed collections like major league baseball charms and NFL team charms. The new collection will be launched in November 2014.

Pyrrha Game of Thrones jewelry is a result of joint collaboration between Pyrrha and HBO. The collection houses rings, charms and pendants modeled after the various houses of the famed TV series. Pyrrha also boasts of major celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Kaley Cuoco, Brad Pitt and several others buying charms from them. Pyrrha jewelry is made from reclaimed silver so it reduces its impact on the environment.

Interesting would be to own a diamond that was created specially for you with the design and specifications that you wish for and it may actually not be too long when designers start crafting diamonds based on themes.



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