The One Carat Engagement Ring: A New Trend in Bridal Jewelry

Engagement Ring
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When it comes to engagement rings, bigger doesn’t always mean better. The modern woman knows that the size of the rock doesn’t necessarily correlate to how much she is loved. For the past several years, one carat engagement rings have been a growing trend in the bridal industry. This more economical size is timeless, practical, elegant—and affordable.

What’s In A Carat, Anyways?

A carat is the unit of measurement for precious stone weight, with one carat translating to 200 milligrams. Because a carat is a measurement of weight, one carat diamonds can all different shapes and cuts. A one carat diamond cut very shallow for example, might have the surface area of a more tightly cut, larger carat stone.

Diamonds are Forever, So Be Practical

While Mariah Carey’s thirty-carat diamond ring grabs headlines, most women favor timelessness over ostentatiousness. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and an engagement ring should be just as beautiful 40 years from now as it was the day you got engaged.

This is a piece of jewelry a woman is going to wear every single day for the rest of her life, so a smaller stone will be much less cumbersome in the long term. A one carat diamond has just enough heft to still be a showpiece, but is much more manageable for less glamorous day to day errands.

Engagement Ring
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Quality Over Size 

There are many factors that go into evaluating diamonds, size is only one of them. The metrics for judging diamond quality is known as the Four C’s: clarity, cut, color, and carat. Sizing own to a one carat diamond lets you focus your money on these other components, such as cut and clarity, which are the factors that make diamonds sparkle. Choosing a slightly smaller stone might let you pick a much more high quality rock overall.

Spend Your Money Where it Matters

Weddings are expensive; you don’t need to go bankrupt before you even propose. Choosing a one carat engagement ring instead of a larger diamond will let you save your money for what really matters to you as a couple.

A more economical engagement ring could be the difference between a glamorous foreign honeymoon and a road trip to a beach town one state over, or let you have an open bar, or let you be able to host a special brunch for the wedding party. Or put your savings away for expenses for your future life together, like the down payment for a house, or a romantic one year anniversary trip to Europe.

Engagement Ring
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Any Style You Want 

A carat is only a unit of weight, and one carat engagement rings come in every shape and style under the sun. If you want to make your stone look it’s biggest, focus on a classic solitaire diamond design that will focus all the intention on the stone. For a more streamlined profile, consider an inlaid diamond.

Picking a ring that shows you know your beloved’s tastes will show them you love them far more giant diamond, and you can still choose an interesting, unique band or setting. More and more jewelers have been designing rose gold wedding rings in the past few years if you are looking for a warm toned metal, or perhaps a halo of tiny diamonds around your center stone will provide a classic accent to the ring.

The one carat engagement ring trend is a perfect solution for modern couples who are seeking a timeless look that is both practical and economical.

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