Technology makes life easier for Diamond Retailers

In the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair for September 15-19, Dharmanandan Diamonds will showcase a “Virtual Showcase” for 3D viewing of diamonds. The technology allows consumers to view 360-degree videos of diamonds and study the inclusions and quality in larger detail. The technology will also allow retailers to display diamonds that are not physically present in the store and ship them directly from warehouse to any address that customers want, thereby reducing costs for the retailer.

Diamond and gemstone processing system manufacturer Sarine Technologies, has created an automated diamond grading system – DiaMension Axiom device that measures the features of polished diamonds. The system calculates a diamond’s proportions and symmetry with much more accuracy than human evaluations. The system was developed for Tiffany & Co. but will be available for diamond retailers and grading laboratories. Most labs rely on human assessment for grading of diamonds leading to differing grading of same diamonds across different labs. The device was developed with inputs from gemmologists from labs across the world.

The recent host of technology developments in diamond viewing and grading has made life easier for diamond retailers and hence diamond buying safer for end consumers. The technology developments are a positive step towards empowering consumers to make better buying decisions.


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