Technology to help diamond evaluation and diamond materials to help future manufacturing

Sarine Technologies' new automated machine to grade diamonds' clarity and color, while Diamond Nano-Threads (DNT) are evolving with a future of everyday manufacturing application

[Image Courtesy: Sarine Technologies]

New automated machine to grade diamonds’ clarity and color

4Cs are not where parameters of diamond variations stop. Certificate, conflict-free, purity & type, eco-friendliness, shape, fluorescence, flaws, setting, commercial terms like return policies etc. make the diamond buying process an effortful task. Even after this jugglery, one can never be sure about the valuation of a diamond. Diamond grading is a subjective and inconsistent process as witnessed in a Pricescope comparison. A 2012 Bain & Co. and AWDC report mentioned that “Indeed, two appraisers can differ in their valuation of the same diamond by as much as 30%”. Judgment of the color of a diamond is highly dependent on human skill. In an attempt to make the grading process less inconsistent by improving standardization, Israeli company Sarine Technologies is proposing a new solution.

The company announced, “Sarine Clarity™ and Sarine Color™ offer the world’s first automated, accurate and reliable Clarity and Color grading”. The company has invented a machine that will instantly grade polished diamonds. Commercialization of the system is expected to happen towards mid – 2017 after it completes with advanced large-scale testing in India, which is currently under process.

[Image Courtesy: Times of Israel]
CEO of Sarine Technologies, Uzi Lavami said, “Technological standardization translates into greater credibility for the industry and increased trust for the diamond consumer.” He further said, “dealers still need to provide other services, such as determining a diamond’s authenticity. So this will help people but not replace people”.



However, Ronald Lorie, chief executive of the International Gemological Institute, reportedly said that the machine will help industry but added “You need the brain of a person to identify what is more, what is better to see, what do you prefer to see. I think it will take a long, long time for a machine to be able to replace a human being”.

Sarine Clarity works for stones between 2 and 10 carat and Color can be graded on stones weighing at least a fifth of a carat. Despite these practical limitations, it aims to save major time of appraisers. Sarine Technologies spends over USD 10 million annually on research and development. Sarine’s DiaMensionTM has been a transforming standardization system in cut measurement and grading. Manufacturers use Sarine’s “Galaxy” machine to measure inclusions in rough diamonds.


Diamond Nano-Threads ready to mend future of manufacturing

Time and again, properties of the super material – Diamond and their applications in human life leave us in awe. This time scientists claim that Diamond Nano-Threads (DNT) could be utilized to make everything, from clothes to cars. DNT has potential to become as ubiquitous as plastic in future.

[Image Courtesy: QUT,]
DNT was first created in Pennsylvania State University last year. Since then Dr. Haifei Zhan from Queensland University and Technology Brisbane has been modeling its properties. DNT is similar to carbon nano-tubes. They are hollow cylinders, 10,000 times thinner than human hair, stronger than steel and brittle. Dr. Zhan added to the versatility of DNT by adding a defect in it. He was the first scientist to do so.

He explains, “DNT, by comparison, is even thinner, incorporating links of hydrogen in the carbon’s hollow structure, called Stone-Wale (SW) transformation defects, which I’ve discovered reduces brittleness and adds flexibility.”. He says, “Further modelling is needed to fully investigate all the properties of DNT. However, I am excited about the potential range of applications it could be used for, given we’ve proven we can control its flexibility, conductivity and strength.”

According to him the manufacturing cost of DNT is viable. DNT is being considered for being the best material available for building space elevators.

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