Taylor Swift’s new video features Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown Diamonds
[Image Courtesy: PopSugar UK]

Celebrities donning Lab-grown diamonds is not new. Many have done so in the past at public events including Lady Gaga, Riverdale actress Camila Mendes; Penelope Cruz not just wearing but designing an entire Lab-grown diamond jewelry line for Atelier Swarovski; Twilight actress Nikki Reed even reselling Lab-grown diamonds.

To add to this, Taylor Swift’s new video ‘You need to calm down’ released last week, features Lab-grown diamonds that viewers are swooning over. London-based jewelry designer Anabela Chan made an exclusive and customized pair of heart-shaped earrings – ‘Love Heart Hoop earrings’ adorned with pink, canary and white color Lab-grown diamonds and crafted in 18 ct gold, for Taylor Swift’s single. The video also features Anabela’s ‘Pale Rose Cinderella ring’ with Lab-grown diamonds and created gemstones.

When Anabela visited a gemstone mine in Sri Lanka, she was aghast with the working conditions, injustice and risks that miners had to take to excavate the gemstones.

She says “… there was nothing romantic and beautiful about it, and it was at that moment I decided to explore alternative options and began my research into championing laboratory-grown and created gemstones in my own fine jewellery collections.”

An award-winning jewelry designer, Anabela’s statement jewelry pieces have been worn by Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts and other global superstars and royalties at red carpet events.

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