Synthetic diamonds not a threat to the industry: WFDB

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) was established in 1947 in Antwerp and currently has 28 members from 22 countries. As a global apex body for diamond bourses, it sets basic rules and guidelines for its diamond bourse members and its general assembly meets every two years during the World Diamond Congress (WDC).


While adopting a Charter to counteract mixing of synthetic diamonds with natural ones, Ernest Blom – WFDB President, said that there were minor issues in mixing of the stones but that prevailed largely among the very small sizes stones – 0.07 cts and smaller and were not a major challenge. Moreover, Blom mentioned that there was no trouble with synthetic diamonds as long as they were disclosed. He also mentioned that WFDB does not see synthetic diamonds as a threat to the industry but instead “another type of stone with its own niche market”.



Source: Anon. (2014) “Ernest Blom: We do not see synthetic stones as a threat”, Rough & Polished


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