Soha Diamond Co. opens a ‘click & mortar’ design studio

Soha Diamond
[Image courtesy - Soha Diamond Co.]

Soha Diamond Co. is a 10th generation jeweler and gemologist selling Lab-grown diamonds and gemstones in 100% recycled precious metals. It is owned and managed by husband and wife duo, Soha and Aubree Javaherian. They come with a vast experience of grading at GIA to working at high retail stores like Tiffany. They are completely invested in promoting Lab-grown diamonds and other gemstones and therefore have taken a step higher to giving a physical presence to the already existing e-commerce website of Soha Diamond Co. It has come up with a design studio at 821 E Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53703.

In a conversation with BDI, Soha Javaherian speaks about his main concept of a ‘click and mortar’ design studio, his products and services and his observations on the Lab-grown diamond industry.


BDI: What is the whole concept behind the “click & mortar” design studio that you are launching?

Soha: In today’s hyper-competitive online marketplace, our concept was based on a minimalist approach to the modern-day jeweler. Our design studio is an extension of our e-commerce store. We asked our shoppers and existing clients what was most important to them and based on their feedback, we armed our shoppers with everything they want and need in order to make an informed choice based on transparency, education, and market-based pricing. Our shoppers can also choose to browse & shop online, then choose to ship or pick-up in our design studio where we provide face-to-face service and attention.



BDI: What products and services are you planning to offer?

Soha: We provide products that include:

  • Custom engagement rings, wedding bands, loose lab-grown diamonds and loose colored gemstones, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, silicone bands, and gifts.
  • We’re an authorized retailer for the following brands:
    1. Elysium Black Diamond
    2. Thorsten Rings
    3. Enso Silicone Bands
  • We offer services that include:
    1. Diamond and gemstone consultations, where we take the time to educate our shoppers, answer any questions or concerns, and walk them through the process of choosing the perfect diamond or gemstone.
    2. Our robust jewelry design software allows us to not only design, modify, and create custom jewelry pieces, but also allows us to print 3D wax models at any stage of the design process. Doing so provides our client with a tangible and accurate representation of what the finished piece will look and feel like.
    3. No design or setup charges
    4. Lifetime Diamond Upgrade Program on select lab-grown diamonds.
    5. We provide complimentary cleanings, inspections, and warranty.



BDI: How do you plan to engage customers for a better Customer Experience (CX)?

Soha: Education. We empower our shoppers with our unique perspective and industry experience. We know there is a lot of educating to do when it comes to lab-grown diamonds. We invite shoppers to ask any and all questions they have. We are completely transparent and honest about sourcing, quality, finding the right balance of the 4C’s, and most of all, pricing.



BDI: How do you plan to stand out amongst similar concept design studios?

Soha: Since we’re a custom jeweler, all of our pieces are made-to-order. We wanted a space where we could invite shoppers and existing clients to browse in their own comfort and privacy, while experiencing the tangible nature of our fine jewelry samples and selection of lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. We tailored our design studio to enhance not only our shoppers online experience, but also their offline experience. Our inclusive environment invites shoppers to be a part of the design process, where together, we design and create beautiful jewelry pieces in 4K.



BDI: What is that one customer problem, the studio will solve?

Soha: Providing a personal touch in a digital world, where our shoppers can put a face behind the name and lower barriers when shopping for fine jewelry.



BDI: What are your thoughts on selling both Lab-grown and mined diamonds?

Soha: We provide sound research and facts based on the science of Gemology. We are unbiased jewelers, which means we do not have any financial ties to the mined diamond industry. We have both our shoppers and the Earth’s best interest at hand, which is why we made the strategic decision not sell both mined and lab-grown diamonds side-by-side.



BDI: What are your observations on the recent trends about customer adoption of Lab-grown diamonds?

Soha: Without the mined diamond industry, there would be no such thing as a lab-grown diamond. Even though lab-grown diamonds have been around since the 1950’s, there are still many misconceptions about what lab-grown diamonds are and are not. There is finally a different way to diamond. Lab-grown diamonds circumvent many of the questionable human, child, and environmental impacts of the mined diamond industry. In fact, this is why we also do not sell any simulants, like Moissanite or Diamond Hybrids. As these simulants do not have the same physical, chemical, or optical properties as a diamond.



BDI: Being in the Lab-grown diamond segment for sometime now, what are the biggest challenges that you face?

Soha: The entire weight of the mined diamond industry, which to date, has provided various interpretations, opinions, and sometimes even misinformation against lab-grown diamonds.



BDI: What are your thoughts on De Beers’ entry in Lab-grown diamonds through Lightbox?

Soha: We welcome their presence and applaud their validation of the lab-grown diamond sector.



BDI: Where do you see the Lab-grown diamond industry headed in the next 5 years?

Soha: Steady growth, with increased awareness of their market presence, we feel like lab-grown diamonds will continue to be a viable, sustainable, and eco-conscious way to satisfy the demand for truly conflict-free and blood-free diamonds.

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