Soha Diamond Co. in the top 100 of FedEx’s small business grant contest

Soha Diamond Co.
[Image courtesy - Soha Diamond Co.]

Soha Diamond Co. is a 10th generation jeweler and gemologist from Madison, WI. Specializing in Lab-grown diamonds, which require zero mining, they deal with custom jewelry, engagement rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. A husband and wife team working full-time and completely self-funded, Soha and Aubree Javaherian come with a vast industry experience that ranges from high retail like Tiffany & Co. to working behind the scenes in GIA’s diamond grading laboratory.

Soha Diamond Co. recently participated in a contest by FedExFedEx’s small business grant contest for any for-profit small business in good standing, who are in business for not more than 6 months and has less than 99 employees. After going through various rounds of selection, like voting and video tasks, final 10 will be awarded grants. One small business each in Grand and Silver prize and 8 small businesses for the bronze prize would get USD 32,500, USD 20,000 and USD 8,500 as grants, respectively.

This year there were 7,800 entries, out of which top 100 were selected out of a pool of top 700 entrants receiving the highest number of votes. The top 100 then get a question to answer by the medium of a video. Various factors like social presence, website ease of navigation, uniqueness or innovativeness, sustainability component et al. apart from the video tasks, determine the top 10 finalists. Soha Diamonds Co. was announced as the top 100 finalists in this contest.

The husband-wife duo firmly believes in Lab-grown diamonds, their integrity and place in the market. In a conversation with Soha Javaherian, Co-founder of Soha Diamond Co., he expressed his purpose of venturing into Lab-grown diamonds.

He said, “Lab-grown diamonds need a voice that’s credible, experienced, and unbiased. Soha Diamond Co. fulfills all the of above and stands to represent the Lab-grown diamond industry in a way that hasn’t been represented before.”

Soha Diamond Co. wants to invest into a multi-functional office and interactive design studio where they would host events like free educational seminar/ workshops and private shopping events. They aim to involve clients into the design process, thus creating a tangible and unforgettable experience. With a goal to build a brand that’s a true resource for shoppers researching Lab-grown diamonds and gemstones, Soha Diamonds want to bring the NYC and LA diamond district experience to their clients in their home city – Madison.

On asking what it means for Soha Diamonds to be in the Top 100, Soha replied, “It means a lot to be recognized as a top 100 finalist. The region of the United States in which we are located in is not recognized as a gem and jewelry hub like NYC or LA. We are happy to have participated this year and wish all finalists luck and success.”

Unlike many traditional retail jewelers, Soha Diamond Co. has no preconceived notions of diamonds, no financial ties invested in mined diamond industry.

To the issues of sources of diamonds, Soha replies “The questions of where diamonds should or should not come from, or what you should or should not buy are not for us to decide. We arm our shoppers with the information they need to make decisions in their best interest.”

With a mission to lower the barriers by demystifying Lab-grown diamonds, by uniquely dedicating themselves to this source of diamonds and properly disclosing what they are, they offer shoppers a place where they can confidently research, compare and buy Lab-grown diamonds, Soha Diamonds has emerged as yet another retail fine jeweler in the ever-growing Lab-grown diamond industry.

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