Rise in acceptability of Grown Diamonds

When grown diamonds and other gemstones were launched several years ago, they ware marred by a lot of suspicion, controversies and other challenges. Consumers and industry did not accept them confusing them as fake. Though the issues have not dissipated, but there has been a remarkable turnaround and substantial rise in the awareness and acceptability of synthetic gemstones.

With increasing number of celebrities and socialites flashing their red-carpet jewelry made from grown diamonds, fashion magazines filled with pictures of such gems, more retailers like UK-based Carat offering consumers wide choices of synthetics and growing awareness among consumers that grown diamonds have the exact chemical, physical and optical properties as their natural counterparts with the only difference being that they are grown in labs, Synthetic gemstones now have a newly-found rise in their acceptance.

With their fiery brilliance and elaborate designs, these gemstones have found their way into offices, casual occasions, red-carpet events and even weddings. Another factor helping this rise in acceptability is that fact that retailers now place mined stones, grown diamonds and stimulants in their stores, clearly demarcating them and educate consumers about them.



Source: Bishop, K. (2014), “IN DEPTH: The stellar rise of synthetic gemstones”, Professional Jeweller, Promedia Publishing Ltd.


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