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Pure Grown Diamonds Selected by Natural Child World Magazine as 2015 Eco-Excellence Awards Winner in the Eco-Good: Most Socially Responsible Category


NEW YORK, July 22, 2015 – Pure Grown Diamonds, a luxury diamond company is the first of its kind to be presented with a socially responsible award. A panel of celebrity judges and members of the Natural Child World’s Mom Lab names Pure Grown Diamonds as the 2015 Eco-Excellence Award Winner in the Most Socially Responsible category. Pure Grown Diamonds, is a scientific breakthrough offering consumers a new and responsible choice in diamonds.

Pure Grown Diamonds are environmentally friendly and conflict free. They have the same optical, physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds, the only difference is the point of origin. Unlike mined diamonds that are dug up from deep below the Earth’s crust; Pure Grown Diamonds are grown in a pristine “Diamond Growing Greenhouse” in Singapore. This makes the Pure Grown Diamonds a socially responsible choice in diamonds.

For years, traditional diamond mining practices resulted in collapsing eco-systems, disintegrating wild habitats and a century of workers’ rights violations. Pure Grown Diamonds is a true 21st Century achievement that eliminates the need for diamond mining.


The Pure Grown Process

After seventy years of research and development, Pure Grown Diamonds has perfected the diamond growing process. Using advanced technology that emits a negligible amount of air pollutants, Pure Grown Diamonds successfully replicates the Earth’s natural process in a laboratory.

Pure Grown Diamonds are cultivated in the largest “Diamond Growing Greenhouse” in Singapore.

  1. The process starts with a small piece of carbon known as a “diamond seed” that is placed into a low-pressure microwave chamber.
  2. Hydrogen and methane gases are introduced.
  3. A generator pumps energy into the chamber that ignites a plasma ball.
  4. Carbon molecules rain on the seed.
  5. Crystallization begins.
  6. Within six to 10 weeks, Pure Grown Diamonds have matured.
  7. The diamonds are then cut with a laser, polished and certified.

All Pure Grown Diamonds are laser-inscribed with the phrase “Lab-Grown” and the corresponding diamond number, individual to each stone.


#GoGreen: Eco-Friendly Diamonds

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but Mother Nature’s worst enemy. Pure Grown Diamonds are the diamonds of the future, and will save the Earth from further damage. ” explains Lisa Bissell, President and CEO of Pure Grown Diamonds.

Grown under sustainable conditions, the Pure Grown Process results in 1.5 billion times less carbon emissions than traditional mining practices. The ratio of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur emissions when comparing diamond mining to diamond growing is 1.5 billion to 1.

Grown Diamonds do not undermine the sustainability of natural systems or our environment, allowing future generations to have the natural resources they need. This makes Pure Grown Diamonds the world’s only true eco-friendly diamonds.

As the world’s largest distributor of gem-quality grown diamonds, Pure Grown Diamonds guarantees a sustainable and steady supply of white and fancy colored diamonds.


Socially Responsible

Grown diamonds are a responsible choice for environmentally and socially conscious consumers. Those individuals who aspire to make socially responsible purchasing decisions have concerns regarding “conflict” diamonds. Pure Grown Diamonds are fully disclosed as lab-grown with a guaranteed origin.


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