Platinum Or White Gold for your diamond?

Platinum Diamond Ring
[Image Courtesy: mascientific]

Most of us are in a fix as to what to choose for our solitaire diamond ring, White gold or platinum? It gets quite daunting just by the look of it, as they look very similar. Hopefully knowledge of a few attributes would help us make a decision.

With time, the polish of platinum does not wear off easily, it does not turn yellowish as it is a naturally white / greyish metal. On the other hand white gold ring may turn slightly creamy (faded yellow), requiring its rhodium plating to be replaced every 12-18 months to maintain a white appearance.

Some of platinum’s unique features include it being resistant to corrosion and oxidization unlike gold. It is also 40% denser, much stronger and heavier. Being hypoallergenic it comes to the rescue of people with sensitive skin. It is also considered to be about 30 times rarer than gold!

Nothing holds a diamond more securely and beautifully than platinum while also enhancing its brilliance. Platinum is like a diamond’s best friend.

No wonder some of the most important diamonds in the world such as Hope Diamond and Taylor burton 60 carat diamond are spectacularly set in platinum. Although white gold acts as a great economical alternative for it.

When it comes to Hallmarking, The Platinum Guild International has a set of authorized jewellers who sell platinum in India. Apart from the list set of authorised jewellers mentioned in their website, every platinum product is authenticated by a third-party certification also popularly known as the UL card. Always insist on this card from the jeweller when making a purchase. Thus without further contemplation celebrate your diamonds with the most exquisite precious metal. Platinum is the preferred choice whether walking down the aisle or the red carpet.

It also touches lives in lesser known ways by acting as the main component in catalytic converters in automobiles which helps in pollution control, used in consumer goods like PC’s, iPods, Flat screen TVs, etc. It is also used in lifesaving medical procedures, cancer being one of them. Platinum evidently as a part of our culture signifies ultimate level of excellence ranging from record setting music albums, to high limit credit cards, to the club of frequent flyers.

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