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Jewelry since ages has been almost entirely made for women. But moving over this market, Men’s Jewelry is fast catching up. Recently released report by Karus Chains – a New York based specialty online retailer dealing in silver and gold chains for men, indicates an overall 22% increase in online searches for men’s jewelry across all categories.

The research spanning a 2-year period from May 2013 to April 2015 and representing 68.5% of all online searches related to Men’s Jewelry, used Google AdWords keyword search tool and Long Tail Pro software to categorize 3,368 search terms into 5 product categories – Rings, Bracelets, Chains/ Necklaces, Cufflinks and Tie Bars/ Pins/ Clips. Globally, 19 million online searches were done for Men’s Jewelry in last year, a 22% increase over the previous year. However, US dominated the global online searches with 61% share and similar growth rate of 22%.

Chains and bracelets have the highest growth rate for online searches among men’s jewelry at 38% and 34% respectively but rings represent the biggest share at around 8.5 million – 45% of all online searches for men’s jewelry.

[Image Courtesy: Karus Chains]
Within Men’s chains/ necklaces, searches for those with diamonds had a growth rate of 30% but constituted a very minuscule share of the overall searches for men’s chains/ necklaces, while searches for chains/ necklaces with gold had better growth rate at 44% and a much bigger share at almost 1.2 million searches.

Searches for Diamond Rings for men grew at 31%, little lower than searches for Gold rings at 37%. The biggest search term within Men’s rings was however Wedding Rings with around 3.7 million online searches and surprisingly much more than Engagement Rings, which was searched less than 0.5 million by men globally. However, the secondary search or links from Wedding Rings searches led to which material – Gold or Diamonds is not clear.

Cufflinks with Diamonds however recorded 6% lower searches than that in the previous year. Barring a few, online searches for men’s jewelry across all product categories, sub-categories, materials and keyword terms, increased significantly indicating a new trend in making of increased uptake of jewelry by men, at least online. Though there was a dearth of men’s jewelry specific studies till now, according to Euromonitor, global men’s wear market grew 4.5% in 2014, faster than that of women’s at 3.7%, with the prediction that men’s total wear sales will grow to USD 480 billion by 2019.

Till now men used to largely avoid jewelry but lately there has been a marked shift in men’s attitudes and tastes, putting Men’s Jewelry back in fashion.



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