One more diamond mining resource falls out

Diamond mines are getting critically depleted and exhausted owing to the relentless exploitation of resources over a period of time is a well-known fact. What may not be known is the mismanagement of several captious issues surrounding diamond mining, leading to fall out of such resources. Case in point is Marange fields of Zimbabwe.


Since its exploration few years back, Marange region has had a bitter history of violence, inhuman treatments, deaths, corruption and other controversies. Though originally touted by the experts as the new diamond resource for world production, the region has now come to naught.


A recent report by a senior editor dated July 17, 2014 suggests that US and EU sanctions, Kimberly Process’ 2 year embargo, allegations of corruptions and other issues have virtually halted the production and exports of diamonds from the region, giving a sad demise to the country’s dream of economic growth through diamonds like neighboring Botswana.


Such instances only indicate the still prevailing delinquencies of agencies and industry players, despite the contention of stakeholders that all is well. It’s high time that the industry gives a hard ear when the world is screaming sustainability.


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