Now make your unique jewelry using 3D printing

Though 3D printers have been around for some time now, only recently have  they started supporting materials apart from plastics, such as ceramics, precious metals and even chocolate. This progress in technology has given birth to new application of 3D printers  – customised jewellery.

With 3D printing the cost for jewellery manufacturing has reduced and customers can create a unique piece for themselves in a matter of days as opposed to the long time it takes for customised jewellery to get delivered. An excellent example here is an exact scale model charm of Eiffel tower of Paris, created by American Pearl. The 3D jewellery printing process can model any design of choice of customer.

Along with designs and choice of precious metals, it would be exciting to use diamonds that are also the exact cut, color, carat and clarity of your choice without being limited by pieces that are found in the mines.


  1. I’m sure very soon 3D printing for jewellery will see a wide-scale commercialisation and will give consumers worldwide broader options of designs and stones.

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