Non-gem usage of Diamonds set to grow further with Quantum Physics, Semiconductors and others

[Image Courtesy: Pintrest]

Application of diamonds in various Industrial, Scientific and Technological fields is not new but with advancement in Lab-grown diamonds manufacturing and increased usage in Quantum Physics, Semiconductors and other areas, Diamonds are set to grow especially in the non-gem usage.

Element Six, a De Beers group company, has been making Lab-grown diamonds since sometime now but with funding from EU (European Union) in 2007, they are growing diamonds that cater to scientific and hi-tech requirements of physicists. With some nitrogen impurities contained in the E6 diamonds, scientists get a hole right next to the nitrogen and create a Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) by using services of companies like Prism Gem. Professors and students at various institutes including Harvard University then program these diamonds with lasers to measure how nearby magnetic fields interfere.

Scientists are now trying to turn the diamond impurities into connected bits and till date they have been able to connect 2 quantum bits in a diamond. As there is further progress with time and good supply of quantum-grade diamonds, Quantum computing with diamonds may soon be a reality. But scientists are not restricting the usage of diamonds only to this field but are extending its applications to various areas including medical and healthcare. Harvard lab has created a new company – Quantum Diamond Technologies, which will develop diamond-based imaging devices for medical diagnostics.


[Image Courtesy: NB Post Gazette, Questale]


A recently published research report by Questale, indicates that the Diamond Semiconductor Substrates market worldwide is going to increase significantly. With forecast till 2022, while the Diamond Semiconductor Substrates Sales will grow by 20 – 45% in the developed economies, global sales of the category will grow at significantly higher rate than overall. Covering some major players in the industry including Applied Diamonds Inc., Scio Diamond Technology Corporation, Element Six et al, the report also emphasizes a well-thought community management and growth marketing plan as the need of the hour for companies to capture mindshare of their audience.


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