Newer players and new collections continue to enter Lab Grown Diamond sector

Lab Grown Diamond
[Image Courtesy: Star Carat, SK Jewelry]

Lab Grown Diamonds have come a long way. As they continue to garner more public and trade acceptance, both Lab-grown diamond and Mined diamond sectors are pushing each other thus disrupting the entire diamond industry for better. And rightly so. There is also no stopping to the number of ventures entering the Lab Grown Diamond sector – whether new entrants or traditional players. Besides, new Lab-grown diamond jewelry collections are also on the rise. Here is a latest roundup.


SK Jewelry Group launches Lab-grown diamond brand – Star Carat

Singapore-based SK Jewelry Group has launched a Laboratory-grown (LGD) diamond brand – Star Carat. The brand will be available online on ‘Star Carat Shop’ – an ecommerce supported by social media channels. The brand will also be available in the group’s physical formats – Love & Co. and SK Jewellery. The group has become the first jewelry chain in the region to sell Mined diamonds and Lab-grown diamonds alongside each other. Available at 50 percent lower price than mined diamonds, and graded by IGI (International Gemological Institute), Star Carat’s LGD are aimed at millennials.


Stuller launches Lab Grown Diamond jewelry collection

Jewelry manufacturer Stuller who is making in-roads in the Lab-grown diamond sector, has launched a new full-scale LGD jewelry collectionModern Brilliance. A member of IGDA (International Grown Diamond Association), Stuller had introduced Lab-grown diamonds in 2016, but with rising demand and to give consumers a choice, the company has launched a Lab-grown jewelry collection comprising of more than 50 finished styles spanning earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets and available in 14k white, yellow and rose gold metal.


Great Heights offers full customization of Lab-grown diamonds

A Direct-to-Consumer, AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven fine jewelry brand – Great Heights, is offering full customization of Lab-grown diamonds through its proprietary tool “Guide Me” allowing consumers to choose Cut, Color and Clarity of the diamonds and select from numerous styles to design their dream ring. Integrating CGI (Computer-generated Imagery) technology, also used in award winning GoT (Game of Thrones) series, the platform shows 360-degree dynamic views of customization process to consumers, stimulating what they would see in stores. Providing 100 percent conflict-free Laboratory-created diamonds, the brand is setting a new standard in customization. Great Heights is co-founded by Ryan Bonifacino (President) and Alexander Weindling (CEO), who is also the Founder and CEO of Clean Origin – another Lab-grown diamond brand.


De Beers’ Lightbox to be sold at brick-and-mortar jewelry stores

Available till now only online and in few pop-up outlets, De Beers’ Lab-grown diamond brand – Lightbox will now be sold at brick-and-mortar jewelry stores of Bloomingdale’s and Reeds Jewelers. The debut to being this month is actually a trial-run for 6 months, and depending on the response, Lightbox may choose to expand its distribution. The collection consisting of pendant necklaces, stud earrings, bracelets and stacking rings with white, pink and blue Lab-grown diamonds, will be sold at Bloomingdale’s flagship store at 59th Street in New York City and its San Francisco store, and at 30 jewelry stores of Reeds Jewelers mostly in the southeast region.

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