New age consumers demand marrying fashion with technology

With the advent of wearable technology devices like glasses, watches, bracelets and rings, the lines between technology and fashion are blurring. Technology makers are trying to make devices look appealing and fashionable. Apple’s recent launch of its new Watch is available in multiple colors. Vertu has long since been offering customized gold plated or jewel crusted mobile phones for the uber-rich and fashion conscious. This can be a huge opportunity or threat to jewelers depending on how well they can adapt to this trend. Few jewelry designers have risen to this challenge and come with their own designs that match the technology offerings.



[Image Courtesy: Dalys 1895]

Dalys 1895, an online fashion designer and retailer for men’s accessories has launched a collection of cuff links that contain 16-gigabyte USB drive inside. The designer also allows further personalization for customer via monogram options for the cuff links. They also have cuff links that act as Wi-Fi hotspots in their collection.



[Image Courtesy: Intel]

Intel and Opening Ceremony have announced plans for a communications bracelet, with a touch screen and wireless charging as part of the technology, and semi precious stones for the fashion appeal. The device, codenamed MICA, will be available this holiday season in the markets.

This year the gems and jewelry market has performed below expectations. Consumers now have many alternatives to diamonds like high value purchases of technology gadgets and accessories, exotic vacations, etc. In this scenario it is important for the jewelers and designers to maintain relevance to the current consumer trends.


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