Muhammad Ali’s daughter embraces Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds
[Image Courtesy: Mia Donna Diamond Blog]

Khaliah Ali, daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali is embracing Lab-grown diamonds. She is partnering with Portland based Lab-grown diamond jewelry retailer – MiaDonna & Company. The company aims to end human atrocities and environmental damages being caused by diamond mining. CEO Anna–Meike Anderson says that by using new technology they grow actual diamonds, which are chemically, physically and optically identical to earth mined diamonds.

MiaDonna launched USA’s largest lab-grown diamond, a 6.28 carat, cushion cut, J color, VS2 clarity diamond. It costs USD 52,000 whereas, its earth mined equivalent costs around USD 100,000. At its unveiling Anna-Mieke explained, “Scientists can replicate the earth’s process of crystalizing carbon into a diamond within 6 – 12 weeks.”

Khaliah Ali said, “An Ali likes nothing better than a good fight and this one is worth fighting to save people’s lives – children orphaned by diamond conflicts.”

Lab-grown diamonds
[Image Courtesy: Fox34]
The unveiling was planned at the peak shopping season of the year to create awareness among the customers when 25% of the American proposals occur. MiaDonna emphasizes on not only eco-friendly and conflict-free nature of the diamonds but also on its traceability.

Khaliah Ali shares her personal reason of this association “One place we know blood diamonds are coming from is the Democratic Republic of Congo, which, 42 years ago was known as Zaire. It is where my father regained his heavyweight title at the famous ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ boxing event.’

Ali, a humanitarian, supports MiaDonna as five percent of its sales go towards efforts to uplift human life in Africa, through a charitable foundation called The Greener Diamond. The foundation has raised tens of thousands of dollars in last decade to teach African children farming instead of diamond mining.

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