MiaDonna takes the 100 fastest growing private company award yet again

MiaDonna - LGD
[Image Courtesy - MiaDonna]

MiaDonna has been at the forefront of the Lab-grown diamond industry since its inception in 2005. In the past, MiaDonna has been recognized for the FBI Citizen Agent’s award and the Business Journal’s Top 40 under 40 Executive’s award. It has been constantly upgrading its technologies, which has contributed to increased sales and customer demand resulting in growth of the Lab-grown diamond retailer.

Recently MiaDonna was recognized as one of the Portland Business Journal’s 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Oregon for the 5th consecutive time.

MiaDonna also believes giving back to the society and actively contributes through its initiative The Greener Diamond (TGD). Last year, TGD had announced a project to support Centre for Women’s Improvement in Liberia. It provided a safe space to the women affected by negative impact of Civil War and educated, counselled and given vocational training.

Similarly, this year MiaDonna announced that 22% of its 2017 profit that will fund the new Greener Diamond Agriculture Training Centre. Scheduled to open in 2019, the centre will run a two-year curriculum having 100 people in each batch. They will be trained on agricultural trade skills, at the same time will earn an income. Completion of the course would give them an opportunity to form a small cooperative and receive a loan of seeds, animals and grant to start a farm of their own.

Founder of MiaDonna, Anna-Mieke Anderson says “Agriculture is seen not only as a medium for employment but also as an important strategy to ensure food security for the country. Liberia will be our main focus for the next two years and we are hoping to duplicate this initiative to surrounding countries soon after.”

The project will implement land and fish farming, animal husbandry and micro-lending. It aims to reduce poverty and strengthen Liberia’s food security. It is MiaDonna’s mission to empower communities to grow food and economically empower communities with self-sustainable income generating programs instead of mine diamonds.

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