MiaDonna: From Market Space to Market Place

MiaDonna, a lab-grown diamond company that sells its jewelry through online channels announced opening of its first showroom in July to fulfill consumer’s demand for “affordable, ethically produced diamond jewelry”. The Portland, Oregon showroom will enable the customers to interact with design specialists and custom-create their jewelry.


Customers will also be able to schedule hour-long sessions to view the company’s in-house lab-grown diamonds and learn about the company’s mission and work of giving back to and rebuilding the diamond mining communities.


CEO Anna-Mieke Anderson said that consumers must be informed about all the options available before purchasing. Anderson also mentioned that manmade diamonds are superior, pure, less expensive than mined ones and devoid of ‘any negative social, environmental or humanitarian concerns’.



Source: Max, D. (2014) “Lab-grown Diamond Company MiaDonna to open Oregon Showroom”, IDEX, IDEX Online S.A.


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