MiaDonna achieves coveted certification as jewelry brands expand Lab Grown Diamond collection

Lab Grown Diamond
[Image Courtesy: Moneyunder30.com]

Signet expands its Lab-grown Diamond collection 

Through its online platform James Allen, Signet had entered the Lab-grown Diamond market earlier this year. Now they have expanded their Lab-grown Diamond collection to their brick-and-mortar brands Kay Jewellers and Jared. Kay Jewellers is promoting a Lab Created Diamond line called ‘Modern Creation’ and Jared has added LGD to its ‘Chosen’ collection.

For both Kay and Jared, the Lab-grown Diamond collections are available only at some select stores and online, for the moment. With its commitment in the Lab Grown Diamond market, it is not long before the jewelry giant brings LGD to its UK brands – Ernerst Jones and H Sameul.


Astrid & Miyu offering affordable Lab-grown diamond jewelry in UK

UK-based jewelry brand Astrid & Miyu is the latest entrant in the Lab-grown diamond market, with introduction of most affordable and accessible LGD jewelry in British market. The new line consists of 20 Lab-grown jewelry pieces including earrings, rings and necklaces with settings of 18ct gold plate and sterling silver.

What is more exciting is its price point – conflict-free and ethically sourced Lab Grown Diamond jewelry under £ 100. To become more sustainable, the firm has vowed to resuse all its jewelry boxes and use 100% recyclable packaging in 2020.


MiaDonna achieved the coveted ‘B Corporation’ certification

One of the first movers in the Lab-grown diamond jewelry market, Portland, Oregon-based MiaDonna has achieved the ‘B Corporation’ certification. The brand, which came under attack of FTC Warning letters issued to 8 Lab-grown diamond companies for their environmental claims, has through the status of being a Certified B Corporation demonstrated its commitment towards environment, society and ethical practices.

A ‘B Corporation’ certification is the only one that comprehensively reviews in-depth and verifies an organization’s social and environmental performance and the impact of the company’s operations and business model on employees, community, environment and customers.

MiaDonna has been recognized as ’100 Fastest Growing Private Businesses’ by Portland Business Journal and ranked at #36 on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Leader 100’ by World Biz’. Its Founder – Anna-Mieke Anderson has been featured in the list of ‘100 Powerful Women’ by Entrepreneur Magazine.

MiaDonna and Anna-Mieke’s commitment to society and environment through its foundation – The Greener Diamond, was always there. The ‘B Corporation’ certification is a corroboration of the same.

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