Mervis Diamond Importers adopt Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds
[Image courtesy - The Business Journal]

Owing to the environmentally safe and sustainable nature of Lab-grown diamonds as compared to the mined diamonds, many diamond traders are opting to have Lab-grown diamonds as an added option to their existing collections. Jewelers like Hoover and Strong, Ada Diamonds and MiaDonna have been pioneers in Lab-grown diamonds. With the increasing awareness of the conflict-free nature of Lab-grown diamonds, customer demand for it has increased and prompted luxury jewelers to adapt the same.

Mervis Diamond Importers

Mervis Diamond Importers, a leading diamond jeweler in Washington DC recently introduced Lab-grown diamonds at all its locations. A diamond importer of the finest quality that began its imports in 1935 from near the diamond mining areas of South Africa, has for the first time in history introduced Lab-grown diamonds.

Jonathan Mervis, Vice President of Client Experience said “It’s always been our mission to provide an education and full service experience to our clients, helping each couple find the right diamond for them. Today’s addition of man-made diamonds to our inventory gives our shopper added confidence that she’s seen everything.”

The diamonds are grown locally in Maryland and are available in all the popular shapes and sizes. They will have a grading report and a laser inscription reading Lab grown. Though the demand for Lab-grown diamonds is increasing, the age old mined diamonds are still going to be an option for many other customers. Mervis wants to cater to both these groups equally without any inclination to either of the two categories.


With the trend of Lab-grown diamond as an emerging precious stone, Swarovski, a leading global crystal maker would complete 10 years this September with its leading jewelry line Atelier Swarovski. As part of the celebratory launches, Atelier would be launching its first fine jewelry collection which would feature Lab-grown diamonds alongside their signature crystals and emeralds.

Supporting the Lab-grown diamonds, Swarovski in 2016 became the member of the Responsible Jewelery Council. Nadja Swarovski, great-great-granddaughter of Daniel Swarovski, founder of the company supports sustainability and describes it as the top concern for the company. All the grown diamonds are sourced from a lab in Germany and San Francisco based diamond manufacturer Diamond Foundry.

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