M. Geller launches its first Lab-grown diamonds jewelry line

Lab-grown diamonds
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In the one past year, many jewelers have stepped up to adopt Lab-grown diamonds. Jewelers like Ada Diamonds, AIDIA Fine Jewelers, Barneys New York, Spence Diamonds, Swarovski, Hoover & Strong, Mervis Diamonds et al are few famous jewelers who have adopted Lab-grown diamonds to their jewelry line. The sustainability, tech-advancement and new-age narrative of Lab-grown diamonds is attracting more retail jewelers to adopt them.

To add to the ever burgeoning list, M. Geller has launched a new Lab-grown diamond line, while a new Lab-grown diamonds company – Bare Diamonds has been started by Mark Motes

Geller launches ‘New Dawn’ – Lab-grown diamonds jewelry line

Chicago-based wholesaler of loose diamonds, M. Geller has launched for the first time in its history a Lab-grown diamonds jewelry line. The collection is called ‘New Dawn’. The bridal collection consists of classic engagement rings with traditional solitaires, a three-stone style and few halo-designs, with yellow as well as white gold as the base metal.

The retail price of the collection starts from USD 1,999. The collection is aimed to drive traffic to retailer website and stores with the full point-of-sale support. It includes displays, packaging, countertop brochures, digital marketing co-op, pay-per click campaigns etc., helping the same. Mark Geller, owner and president of M. Geller brings in this collection with ‘never-say-no’ philosophy in serving his customer, which he follows since the inception of the company in 1984.

Bare Diamonds – a new Lab-grown diamonds company

Mark Motes, former Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Smyth Jewelers, recently launched a Lab-grown diamonds company – Bare Diamonds with Nick Pirie. Nick Pirie joins Bare Diamonds as the COO (Chief Operating Officer), while Motes would be functioning as the CEO. Nick is the vice president and founder of SCVGNR and also served as the east coast account executive for Scott Kay.

Bare Diamonds’ Lab-grown diamond line is set to debut in the fall 2017 in North America. The collection would initially focus on IGI-certified high-quality round, ideal and triple excellent cuts. Diamonds weighing 0.5 to 2.0 carat would be in the collection and of a price range of USD 700 – 20,000.

While the CEO himself was against Lab-grown diamonds initially, with the growing awareness, he changed his mind-set and formed this company. Motes says,

“I was probably the most outspoken person against it,“ he says. “Now I see it as the future.  It has two positive things. One is that it’s green. Young people love that. But the key, too, is you can get more diamond for the same money. To the average consumer, this is no different than any other engagement ring. The average 30-year-old doesn’t care.”


  1. Lab created diamond we’ll be the first one seller in the futur, we look for a small size from: 0.8mm to 1.50 mm

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