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Leonardo Dicaprio, along with 10 Silicon Valley billionaires, has just upped the ante for Lab-grown Diamonds in the $100 Bn Diamond Industry by proudly investing in a California based startup, Diamond Foundry.

Diamond Foundry was founded (in 2012) with the goal of reinventing the diamond industry from “mine to finger” by setting a new standard for social and environmental good. According to its Crunchbase profile, the company, “cultures diamonds in California with a zero carbon footprint and offers diamond jewelry from independent designers”. After three years of research, a team of MIT, Stanford, and Princeton engineers led by the founder and CEO, Martin Roscheisen, pioneered growing diamonds over a diamond seed, atom by atom through a plasma-based culturing process (known as Chemical Vapour Deposition process). Interestingly, Martin Roscheisen was in the same Ph.D. program at Stanford as Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Diamond Foundry is not the first company to use the technique, known as chemical vapor deposition, to grow diamonds. Earlier this year, IIa Technologies inaugurated its 200,000 square feet Diamond Growing Greenhouse in Singapore which grew 300,000 carats of diamonds in 2014.

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According to Business Insider, Diamond Foundry has closed three rounds of financing raising less than $100 million to date, from individuals including actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Twitter/Medium founder Evan Williams, Zynga founder Mark Pincus, One Kings Lane cofounder Alison Pincus, SUN Microsystems founder Andreas Bechtolsheim, Facebook cofounder Andrew McCollum, former Facebook COO Owen van Natta, Marc Benioff’s private-investment manager Mark Goldstein, Sequoia Capital’s David Spector, former eBay President Jeff Skoll, Scott Banister, Vast Ventures, Caspian VC Partners, and many others. The news received a wide coverage from global media – New York Times, Techcrunch, WiredThe Next Web, ForbesCNBC, Dailymail (UK)Marketwatch, JCK OnlineInverse, New York Magazine, Epoch Times (Russia), Rusbase, Takepart, Ecouterre, Morning Ledger, Observer LeaderToday Online and many more.

This news comes as a jolt to all the mining companies and bourses which have tried to call lab-grown diamonds fake, ban them, spread rumours and manipulate ISO standards in order to block lab-grown diamond players. Diamond Foundry’s goal of reinventing Diamond Industry is driven by the fact that the industry, unfortunately, has been stained by human-rights abuses, child labor, ecological destruction, cartel-like pricing, and untraceable provenance.

Lab-grown Diamond’s endorsement from Leonardo DiCaprio and Silicon Valley Billionaires validates the fact that they are real diamonds. Mining companies and Diamond Industry Leaders have been misguiding governments and consumers for a long time about the reality of Lab-grown Diamonds. With multi-billionaire backing, this definitely is going to change for lab-grown diamonds in coming years.

[quote_center]”I’m proud to invest in Diamond Foundry Inc. — reducing the human and environmental toll of the diamond industry by sustainably culturing diamonds without the destructive use of mining.” – Leonardo DiCaprio[/quote_center]




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