The latest exciting happenings in the Lab Grown diamond space

From the world's first solid diamond ring, mid-air drone charging using diamonds to Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra featuring Lab-grown diamonds, much exciting is happening in the space.

Lab Grown Diamond
[Image Courtesy: CVD Diamond Inc]

Infinite discussions have already happened regarding Lab Grown diamond – some constructive and some not so much. Lately, lot of developments have also taken place in the sector – US FTC’s ruling that Lab-grown diamonds are indeed diamonds and should not be called ‘synthetics’, omission of term ‘natural’ to describe mined diamonds; De Beersforay into Lab-grown diamond retail space through its brand ‘Lightbox’ and many more. More companies are entering the sector to present a viable alternative to the conscious customer. While much has been said about these and discussions will continue, here is a roundup of the latest happenings in the Lab-grown diamond space.



Jewelry Exchange to advertise Lab Grown diamond jewelry


Lab Grown Diamond
[Image Courtesy: Jewelry Exchange]

The Jewelry Exchange (Goldenwest Diamond Corporation) is introducing Goldenwest Lab-Grown (GLG) rings to its existing line of Lab-grown finished pieces, Earth-mined loose diamonds and Earth-mined finished pieces. To supplement the GLG collection consisting of anniversary bands, stackable bands and three-stone rings, Jewelry Exchange will also offer loose Lab-grown center stones to be purchased separately for customers looking to customize their jewelry. The company will be the first one in the industry to advertise Lab-grown diamond jewelry.



Actress Camila Mendes, the latest Hollywood star to wear Lab Grown diamonds


Lab Grown Diamond
[Image Courtesy: W Magazine, Emma McIntyre, Getty Images]

Riverdale actress Camila Mendes became the latest Hollywood star to adorn Lab-grown diamonds. At People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles, Camila wore a ring with the world’s largest Lab Grown pink diamond. The CVD diamond known as ‘American Beauty’ is a 5.01 carat square radiant cut stone, grown by Clean Origin and has been graded by GIA as ‘intense pinkish orange’. Lately, various Hollywood celebrities have wore Lab Grown diamond jewelry at public events, including Lady Gaga and Penelope Cruz.



Victoria’s Secret 2018 ‘Fantasy Bra’ features Lab Grown diamonds


Lab Grown Diamond
[Image Courtesy: Victoria’s Secret, USA Today]

Global Lingerie wear major Victoria’s Secret tied up with Atelier Swarovski, to create its ‘2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra’, centerpiece of the annual fashion show of Victoria’s Secret. The bra features 2,100 Lab Grown diamonds created by Swarovski, with a striking center stone, has been crafted in sterling silver and took more than 930 hours to complete. This year’s Fantasy Bra is valued at USD 1 Million and will be debuted by model Elsa Hosk in December. She will accessorize the Bra on a catwalk, with necklace, rings, and bangles from Atelier Swarovski by Christopher Kane collection.



Apple’s executive designs the world’s first solid Lab Grown diamond ring


Lab Grown Diamond
[Image Courtesy: Robb Report]

When one thinks of a diamond ring, it usually means a diamond set on a precious metal ring. However, Apple’s Chief Design Officer Sir Johny Ive; Marc Newsom – an award winning industrial designer and San Francisco-based Lab Grown diamond manufacturer Diamond Foundry have collaborated to change this definition and created the world’s first one-of-its-kind diamond ring in the truest sense – a solid diamond ring made entirely out of diamond including the band. Diamond Foundry grew a Lab Grown diamond of around 45 carats to make a solid diamond ring out of it. Once the cutting is complete using laser beam, the ring will have around 2,000 to 3,000 microscopic facets. Sotheby’s will auction this solid Lab Grown diamond ring on 5th December.



Researchers are using Lab Grown diamonds to develop mid-air Drone charging capability


Lab Grown Diamond
[Image Courtesy: DroneLife]

Drones are forecasted to be used widely for commercial applications. However, flying these UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicles) over long range becomes difficult owing to limited power supply. Lake Diamond, a spin-off company of Swiss-based EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) are attempting to solve this problem by developing a mid-air drone charging capability using Lab Grown diamonds. Laser beams would be shot at Lab Grown diamonds, measuring only a few millimeters on each side, fitted to the drone and capable of recharging the PV (photovoltaic) cells on the drone’s surface. Owing to its properties, Lab Grown diamonds can withstand the rays and high intensity of laser beams. Scientists are also working on possibility of using similar system to charge and transmit data to satellites and other mid-air use cases.



While such exciting happenings are taking place in the Lab Grown diamond sector, it was clarified by India’s Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) that it was misquoted by Rapaport Group that BDB was contemplating to lift the 2015 blanket ban on trading of Lab-grown diamonds on its floor. Sigh!! Unfortunately, not everyone is a visionary.

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