Lark & Berry tackles diamond mining controversy in two-part ‘Diamond Disruptor’ podcast series

Diamond Mining
Jubilee Mine Russia [Image Courtesy:, Ruslan Akhmetsaphin, ALROSA]

Since its worldwide launch just over a year ago, Lark & Berry has been dedicated to exclusive use of cultured diamonds (also known as Lab Grown) in its jewellery and spreading the news of the brand’s innovative, game-changing and environmentally responsible approach in luxury. As an ever-curious, life-long learner, content writer and broadcast journalist, I’ve been fascinated with cultured diamonds and their place in the luxury industry ever since I learned of them shortly after Lark & Berry’s debut.

When Lark & Berry founder Laura Chavez expressed interest in having a brand podcast, the Diamond Disruptor was born. The show’s aim is simple: to get the word out about cultured to as many people as possible, because we know the facts show that cultured diamonds are the more sustainable diamonds; often even superior to mined diamonds in quality. We know cultured diamonds are ALWAYS conflict-free, and lastly, we know they’re the fairer-priced choice.

The Diamond Disruptor podcast functions as a continuing look at why, and how, cultured diamonds, in just a few years, have become such a disrupting force in the luxury realm. I want to find out what it is about these little, sparkly, scientific marvels that have everyone talking and to try and discover what needs to be done to make cultured king of the diamonds industry.

Lark & Berry’s Diamond Disruptor fits comfortably in business, science, technology and human-interest podcast genres. The show features industry commentary from noted industry vets, with a news magazine, documentary style approach. Our show appeals not only to people with experience in the luxury market, but also to anyone who likes podcasts and has an interest in learning. The Diamond Disruptor podcast will eventually expand to include coverage of sustainability in other industries as well.

A report released this past May sparked the inspiration for our current, ongoing ‘Controversy’ series on the Diamond Disruptor podcast. This past May, the DPA (Diamond Producers Association) released a research report claiming that mining for diamonds is more environmentally sound than producing cultured diamonds in labs. This report has been called out in the press many times in the months since as having made very controversial claims; having used cherry-picked information to claim mining for diamonds is better. As Maddie Stone, also back in May, in her ‘Beyond the Hype of Lab Grown DiamondsGizmodo article notably examined, the figures presented in this DPA report left many key components out that would have made a great case for cultured diamonds being easier on Earth to produce—things like human rights impact, the exploratory energy burned to mine for diamonds and the irreversible damage done to land and wildlife by mining for diamonds.

This controversial DPA report inspired the first episode of our mining controversy mini-series, “Controversy: Part 1,” which is the first of two parts, available now. The second in the series will follow in a few weeks. In part 1, I speak exclusively with Anna-Mieke Anderson, CEO of MiaDonna and Company and Secretary General of the IGDA (International Grown Diamonds Association) Richard Garard.

Lark & Berry’s hope is that with the journalistic/story-telling approach of our show, the Diamond Disruptor will educate newbies on luxury, new tech in the luxury field, sustainable interests, and of course, cultured diamonds. And we think that with this education/entertainment hybrid approach, our show will also appeal to industry vets already in-the-know, keeping them abreast of sustainable jewellery business happenings they may have missed during their busy weeks.

We urge readers to check out our first episode of the Diamond Disruptor as well. Still plenty relevant, our debut podcast recaps JCK Las Vegas 2019, America’s biggest jewellery expo, which took place early this past summer. JCK saw over 30,000 buyers, exhibitors, brand leaders, analysts and more, gathering at the Sands Expo Center for a week. I was there for all of it, covering the event as it happened, and sat down with JCK Magazine editor-in-chief Victoria Gomelsky, diamonds industry marketing analyst Liz Chatelain (MVI Marketing) and a leading brand strategist from ALTR Created Diamonds, plus a few more guests to get their takes on where cultured diamonds are at today in luxury… and where they’re going.

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