Lark & Berry plants 500 Trees to celebrate World Earth Month

Lark & Berry
[Image Courtesy:, Lark & Berry]

Global warming is accelerating and severely impacting the environment. Diamond mining unfortunately contributes a lot to this adverse impact. To minimize this impact, Lab-grown diamond jewelry brand – Lark & Berry has partnered with charitable organization One Tree Planted. Celebrating World Earth Month, the cultured diamond company has planted 500 trees.


To reduce its own carbon footprint, which is generally very less for Lab-grown diamonds, Lark & Berry has also committed to donate 5 trees for every purchase made. These trees will be planted in different continents including Africa where diamond mining had most devastating effects.


Laura Chavez – Founder, Lark & Berry says “Diamond mining has taken an enormous toll on environments around the world, nowhere more than Africa… We’re talking huge, permanent holes dug into the earth, polluted ground waters, wildlife displacement — the list goes on. One Tree Planted shares our concerns for Earth’s future and is thrilled by the opportunity to help us help our planet by planting fresh trees.”



Lark & Berry
[Image Courtesy: Lark & Berry] 


The London-based Lab-grown diamond company, believes in stewarding sustainability in the industry. Last year, Robbins Brothers had similarly partnered with National Forest Foundation to celebrate Earth Day, where 100 trees were to be planted for every E3 diamond purchased from Robbins Brothers. However, unlike Lark & Berry, this was only for a weekend.


Hopefully, as more players in the mined diamond and Lab-grown diamond industry takes  real efforts soon (and not some media farce), the impact of diamond mining on the environment can be reduced and consumers will be given guilt-free choices while buying diamonds.


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