Lab-grown Diamonds’ size and appeal keeps on increasing – 6 Ct CVD diamond grown and sold

WD Lab Grown Diamonds recently grew and sold a record colorless 6 Ct. Round CVD Lab-grown diamond. Besides, personalization of diamonds by few pioneers is adding to Lab-grown diamonds' appeal.

Lab-grown Diamonds
[Image Courtesy: National Jeweller]

Over the past few years size of Lab-grown diamonds has only kept on rising. Add to it, factors like personalization being offered by some pioneers have resulted in sales and appeal of Lab-grown diamonds to increase further. The recent creation and sale of a 6 Carat Lab-grown diamond only corroborates this trend.

WD Lab Grown Diamonds grows and sells a 6 Carat CVD round diamond

Maryland-based WD Lab Grown Diamond (Washington Diamonds) recently grew a 6 Carat Round Lab-grown diamond at its facility just outside Washington DC. The diamond was grown using CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) through its patented technology and is apparently the world’s only Lab-created CVD diamond of its size and shape.

Clive Hill – Founder & Chairman, WD Lab Grown Diamonds said “We’re excited about our new world record for round lab-grown diamonds. Our patented technology and industry-leading engineers consistently provide top quality results that only the latest innovation can offer”.

Founded in 2008, WD’s lab facility grows diamonds not just for Gems & Jewelry market but also for industrial and scientific purposes. WD Lab Grown Diamonds is the exclusive licensee of the single crystal CVD diamond growth technology developed by The Carnegie Institution of Washington.

The colorless 6 Ct. round diamond is priced similar to a 3.5 carat mined diamond of the same quality. Clive mentions “Consumers have the opportunity to get much more diamond for the same money…”

Not just this 6 Ct. CVD Lab-grown diamond was grown in matter of months as opposed to millions of years for mined diamonds, but also it was sold within a month. These developments clearly establish that there is a real demand of Lab-grown diamonds in the market, even of such high size and quality.


Other records of Lab-grown diamond sizes

The largest recorded Lab-grown diamond grown is 155 Carat by Augsburg University, Germany last year. However, this was in a disc form with 92 mm diameter for scientific and technological usage and not for Gems & Jewelry purpose.

In 2016, Russia’s New Diamond Technology (NDT) created the world’s largest Lab-grown blue diamond – a 10.07 carat fancy deep blue, SI 1, Asscher cut stone, graded by IGI. In 2015, NDT had also created a record breaking colorless Type IIa 10.02 carat, VS1 clarity, E color diamond, certified by IGI Hong Kong. However, these records are for cut and polished diamonds. In the past, NDT has grown a 32.26 carat rough, from which the earlier 10.02 carat colorless diamond was cut.


Personalization factors of Lab-grown Diamonds adding to its appeal

Some pioneers in the Lab-grown diamonds sector like Ada Diamonds are offering personalization of diamonds, letting customers create personalized diamonds from memories. Silicon Valley based Ada Diamonds grows diamonds in a lab based on client-submitted materials like flowers, cake, champagne cork from a photo, favorite memory etc. Apart from customizing the diamond’s setting, the company also is customizing shopping experience for its customers. Such factors apart from the known benefits of being Eco-friendly, socially conscious, conflict free etc., is helping to add appeal of Lab-grown diamonds.


While the misnomers around Lab-grown diamonds are fading away, more people are objectively evaluating Lab-grown diamonds and this is fueling the expansion of its adoption degree.

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