Lab-grown diamonds should be brought in the diamond community

There is a lot of confusion and suspicion regarding lab-grown diamonds that leads to more challenges. Harry Levy, President of London Diamond Bourse, Chairman of International Diamond Council (IDC) and President of Gemological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), said in an interview with Ya’akov Almor, that to solve the industry challenges it is essential to bring lab-grown diamonds in the natural diamond community.


Levy said that instead of the actions like IDE banning the trading of lab-grown diamonds last year due to possible confusion with mined ones, FTC encouraging the used of adjective Synthetic instead of synthetic diamonds and a Journalist in a blog published on the Jewelry News Asia website stating synthetic as fake simply because it is not bound by any authoritative group, industry should start calling mined diamonds as natural diamonds as those diamonds needs qualifications too. “Synthetic diamonds are also diamonds, the only difference being their origin, and this does not stop them from being called diamonds”


As witnessed in the colored gemstones and pearl industry, where lab-grown/ cultured counterparts were introduced and both the variants co-existed in harmony, similar is the case with natural and lab-grown diamonds.

Though further transparency, identifications and disclosure is needed for lab-grown diamonds, Levy suggested that it is crucial to identify the producers of lab-grown diamonds and the labs and machines through which they get produced, partner with the lab-grown diamond producers and encourage them to be part of the diamond community.



Source: Almor, Y. (2014) “Partnerships, Transparency offer the solution for Synthetic Diamonds”, Rapaport, Diamonds.Net


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