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Lab Grown Diamonds
[Image Courtesy: Diamond Foundry]

Michael Hill ventures into Lab-grown Diamonds

Fine jewelry retailer Michael Hill has added Laboratory Grown Diamonds to its existing portfolio of mined diamonds. Branded as Fenix diamonds, these Lab-created diamonds are one of the first in Australia as an alternative to mined stones. Fenix diamonds will be initially offered as a collection of certified solitaire rings available for custom order only.

Daniel Bracken – CEO, Michael Hill said “Laboratory-created Fenix diamonds represent new innovation in diamond jewellery… We look forward to offering our customers an additional choice in diamond jewellery with an assurance on quality.”


French jeweller Courbet selling only LGD

Founded by jewellery industry veteran Manuel Mallen, who used to work at Piaget and Marie-Ann Wachtmeister, French jeweller Courbet was launched less than a year ago at the prestigious square in Paris – The Place Vendome, an elegant traditional luxury hub. Courbet is now offering exclusively Lab Grown Diamonds only, which are certified and the jewelry carries modern, minimalist designs set in recycled gold. Courbet’s LGDs are sourced from labs in France and Russia, and their jewelry price ranges from €700 to €30,000.


Largest Lab-grown Diamond ring in the world for sale in Austin

A private jeweler in Austin – The Diamond Room, is selling the world’s largest Lab-created diamond ring. The 15.32 carat LGD ring is being sold for $132,000, and was grown in Moscow using Russian-patented HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) technology. Started off as 60-carat seed, while the Lab-grown diamond took just over 3 weeks to grow, considering the failed attempts it was 3-year long process. The ring was also debuted in Oscars by a celebrity and put up on a jewelry show last year.

Matt O’Desky – Owner and Founder, The Diamond Room says “It’s a product that’s out there that everyone should be aware of and even if you’re not interested in it, you should at least learn about it”


GSI to offer complete grading reports for non-treated Laboratory Grown Diamonds

One of the largest gemological grading organizations with 13 laboratories across 4 continents – Gemological Science International (GSI) announced that it will offer new ‘LGX Complete’ – a comprehensive grading report for LGD, available in the market. But it will offer the same only for Lab-grown diamonds that are ‘As grown’, which means that no treatments or enhancements have been done on those LGDs post growth. Lab-grown diamonds grown using either HPHT or CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technologies will be accepted and the report will carry full disclosures.

Debbie Azar – President and Co-founder, GSI said “Consumer confidence is key and consumers want more information and complete transparency about the natural and Lab-grown diamonds they are buying”.


While, De Beers’ Lightbox to carry only basic grading info

When it was launched in September 2018, De Beers had said that it will not grade or provide certifications for its Lightbox brand of Lab-grown diamonds, which was clearly detrimental for consumers. However, in a recent announcement the company said that it will provide basic grading info for stones above 0.2 carats. But Lightbox will use general ranges and not use the standard specific GIA grades – color between G and J (Near colorless), clarity VS and better, cut Very Good. Moreover, individual stones will not be graded as according to the company all their LGDs undergo ‘a rigorous quality-control process, so they don’t require detailed reports like mined diamonds’. According to Lightbox CEO Steve Coe, this move was in response to consumer feedback. But it seems the company was not actively listening to the Voice of Customer (VoC) and not providing individual certifications to Lab-grown diamonds defeats the purpose.


Diamond Foundry and Lark & Berry partners for a new collection

Lab-grown diamond manufacturer Diamond Foundry and London-based fine-jewelry brand Lark & Berry have partnered to come up with a new Lab-grown diamond jewelry collection – Lark & Berry X Diamond Foundry collection. A 64.5 carat necklace from this collection was unveiled on Singer and icon Billy Porter during this year’s Academy Awards opening ceremony performances. All set in 18k white gold, the collection consists of 3-piece range of 64.5 ct Necklace, 4.8 ct Long Earrings and 2.18 ct Studs, totalling to 71.48 carat for the suite and is set with over 500 cultured diamonds.

Laura Chavez – Founder, Lark & Berry said “This partnership with Diamond Foundry has been a real highlight for our young brand, bringing together the two most disrupting forces in today’s luxury diamonds jewelry landscape. This partnership marks a watershed moment in the world of cultured diamonds, where two hugely notable players have ‘crossed the pond’ to meet and work together.”


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