Lab-grown diamond jewelry line Vrai & Oro to open its first store

Lab-grown diamonds
[Image courtesy - The Business of Fashion]

It is no surprise that most of the jewelers around the world are taking the sustainable road towards selling fine jewelry, by opting Lab-grown diamonds over mined diamonds. One such latest jeweler is Vrai & Oro. Founded by Vanessa Stofenmacher in 2014, Vrai & Oro started with a collection of 10 timeless pieces and is on a road towards expansion from the time it was acquired by Diamond Foundry in November last year.

Diamond Foundry is a San Francisco, California-based start-up. It specializes in gem-quality Lab-grown diamonds that are grown in a plasma reactor and are assured to be conflict-free. The start-up is backed by actor-environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, Russian fashion entrepreneur Miroslava Duma, Zynga founder Mark Pincus, One Kings Lane cofounder Alison Pincus, SUN Microsystems founder Andreas Bechtolsheim and Facebook cofounder Andrew McCollum amongst others.

Vrai & Oro is opening its first brick and mortar store on 18th August in Downtown, Los Angeles. Earlier in January they launched The Vrai & Oro Wedding (VOW) line of 10 core styles. It contained five wedding bands and five diamond engagement rings. While in July it launched its exclusive 18 karat gold and diamond Black Label collection. The collection ranges from USD 2,080 to USD 8,460.

The stars of Hollywood are also mighty impressed by the move towards sustainability by Vrai & Oro and its incorporation in their collection. The Petite Black Diamond Ring (USD 425) was personally ordered by actress Allison Williams. Pair of Petite Diamond Band rings (USD 885 for two) is adored by fashion designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott of The Great. Diamond Foundry adviser Wendi Deng Murdoch also wears the Trillion Diamond Necklace (USD 555).

Stofenmacher, who also serves as the creative director of Diamond Foundry said, “About a year ago, when I was searching for diamonds for the VOW collection and realized all of the ethical sourcing issues, I got in touch with Diamond Foundry and was blown away by what they are doing. They start with a seed or sliver of an actual diamond — the first one they used was a mined diamond from Canada — and use solar energy similar to the sun in a plasma reactor to grow the diamond in two to three weeks, layer by layer, into a rough diamond that looks like a rock you would find outside. So they’ve just changed the environment in which the diamond grows, but each diamond has the same natural color variants and differences as a mined diamond. It’s not a perfect diamond that pops out of a machine.”

Vrai & Oro also have future plans to collaborate with Leonardo DiCaprio for a unisex jewelry line.

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