Lab-grown diamond
[Image Courtesy: IGI Worldwide]

Ever since the technology first evolved to grow diamonds in a lab, Mined diamond industry has been apprehensive towards Lab-grown diamonds. Despite the various tactics tried by the mined diamond industry to stall their progress, Lab-grown diamonds are rapidly attaining more recognition and acceptance by the day. The technology behind Lab-grown diamonds has also kept on constantly evolving and recently, has reached a new level of significance.

Just a few days back, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) Hong Kong certified the largest lab-grown diamond developed by New Diamond Technology LLC, Russia. The magnificent stone was certified as a 10.02 carats, Type IIa stone with VS1 clarity, E color and very Good-Excellent finish grade. Two months ago, the same company created a 5 carats radiant brilliant cut diamond and broke the previous record of 3.04 carats, I color and SI1 clarity grown diamond created by Pure Grown Diamonds, the world’s largest producer of gem quality lab-grown diamonds.

Dr. B.N. Feigelson of US Naval Research Laboratory, a reputed expert in the field of grown diamonds, exclaimed “This is an important achievement. A psychologically important one. Linear growth rate of the crystal demonstrated by the company makes this a good result that is particularly impressive and important.”

This 10.02 carats mammoth diamond was cut from a lab-created rough weighing 32.26 carats developed using HPHT method in record breaking time of less than 300 hours. The stone was produced using experimental technology by a group of engineers under the guidance of Dr. A. Katrusha and Dr. A. Kolyadin.

Lab-grown diamond
[Image Courtesy: New Diamond Technology, Linkedin]
New Diamond Technology (NDT), the company behind this achievement, is a child organization of INREAL, Russia’s leading manufacturer of technical products of diamond and diamond grinding powder. NDT was created with purpose of leading the industry in the way to mass production of Type IIa and IIb diamonds and is currently equipped with 30 of the industry’s most powerful 5,000-ton High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) cubic presses. For the past 5 years, NDT has been conducting in-depth research in the field of growing Type IIa colorless (D-E-F) and Type IIb (blue) pure single-crystal rough diamonds. Today the company grows large rough diamonds for both gem and industrial applications. Based on the success of the experiment, NDT anticipates that the new technology will enable it to grow 40 to 50 carats diamonds in near future.

Dr. A. Kolyadin, CEO of INREAL assures that fears of mined diamond industry is misplaced and present day laboratory facilities is such that they don’t pose any threats to mined diamonds. He recently saidIt wouldn’t be right to say that laboratory-grown diamonds have started to replace the natural mined stones in the jewelry industry for a number of reasons. First, the total number of companies that can grow colorless, single-crystal diamonds does not exceed a dozen. Finally, the world’s production capacities for laboratory-grown diamonds are still quite limited. There are fewer than 1,000 of the sufficiently powerful HPHT and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) units used to produce synthetic diamonds in the entire world.

Tamazi Khikhinashvili, the president of New Diamond Technology, is going to unveil the 10.02 carats diamond in the booth B2408 at JCK Vegas Show, which starts from 29th May and ends on 1st June. While the previous record holder, 3.04 carats SI1 clarity I color lab-grown diamond by Pure Grown Diamonds, had a price tag of USD 23,012, the new record holder 10.02 carats higher quality diamond is expected to fare much better.


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