Lab-grown Diamond expands geographic footprint

Lab-grown Diamond
[Image Courtesy: Little Switzerland, Pintrest]

New Lab-grown Diamond brand launches in Caribbean

A luxury watch and jeweller – Little Switzerland has become the first company in Caribbean to launch an exclusive Lab-grown diamond brandEngrace Diamonds. Little Switzerland is a six decades old company and operates more than 30 outlets throughout Caribbean. Their Lab Grown Diamonds – Engrace Diamonds, are going to be sold as both loose and finished in jewelry sets, with all stones above 0.5 carats to be laser inscribed with “LG” and accompanied with either a certificate or a certificate number from an independent grading laboratory. Engrace Diamonds come with 30 day return or exchange policy and a 5-year replacement guarantee.

Hal Tayler, CEO of Little Switzerland, said, “As an industry leader we felt it was important to not only be the first stores in the Caribbean to offer lab-grown diamonds but to expose and educate our customers on this important new-age product. Our initial results have been amazing and our team members really see the value in selling Engrace Diamonds.”


Diamond Foundry to use renewable Hydropower to grow Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamond producer – Diamond Foundry has signed a contract for Columbia River Hydropower, which will allow the company to produce Lab-grown diamonds in Wenatchee, Washington, by using renewable hydropower. Diamond Foundry’s existing facility in San Francisco uses Solar Energy to grow diamonds.

Kyle Gazay – President of Production, Diamond Foundry said “We don’t want to just grow diamonds, We want to grow carbon-neutral certified diamonds, so that was a really important part of that mission.”


Diamond Foundry leased and renovated a surplus fruit warehouse from Stemilt Growers in north Wenatchee to develop its production facility, which will allow the company to increase production from current 100,000 carats to 1 million carats annually. Diamond Foundry’s new facility will also help in replacing some of the jobs lost when an energy-intensive aluminum smelter closed shop in the region.


Lab-grown Diamonds come to Chicago

Diamonds on Wabash’ – a known jewelry retailer in Chicago’s jewelers row has added Lab-grown diamonds to its offerings. After receiving multiple requests for Lab-grown diamonds from their customers, the jeweler did additional research on its end and then added Lab-grown diamonds to its inventory around nine months ago.

Sylvia Pessah – owner of Diamonds on Wabash said “It’s a great alternative for a customer that wants a larger stone for a fraction of the cost of a naturally grown diamond… People love the fact that it sparkles like a mined diamond, and that they’re getting a better quality and bigger diamond for less.”


Lark & Berry wins JCK Editor’s Choice Award

London-based Lab-grown diamond jewelry brand – Lark & Berry has become the first brand with exclusive Lab-grown diamonds to win the JCK Design Centre Editor’s Choice Award, at a recent JCK tradeshow. Lark & Berry won the award for its Asymmetrical Bow necklace that was adorned with 11.6 carats of Lab-grown diamonds. Editors from both consumers and trade publications reviewed the jewelry pieces before the show and voted for their selection. Launched online in May 2018, Lark & Berry also launched its flagship store in London’s Marylebone district in September 2018.


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