Jewelry retailers embrace new technologies

The next-gen consumers are absorbed by social media and online shopping and are increasingly using smart phones for day-to-day activities. This means that retailers across all industries also have to adapt to this changing environment and needs of the customers. Going digital is not an option that retailers can choose to ignore anymore and many of them have started to embrace newer technologies of marketing to reach the contemporary consumer. Digital technologies provide means for retailers to reach larger sections of market without investing in physical presence all over.

Leading Jewelers Guild, a prestigious member-owned jewelry organization of independent retailers, organized a workshop from July 12-16 for all its members, to create digital strategies, troubleshoot website related issues and discuss role of social media in marketing success for the new age.

However, in times of changing environment and technology advancements, focus should not only be on consumers but on suppliers too, who need to embrace the newer sources of gems & diamonds. It’s about time that the industry enhances the entire value-chain of diamond business and becomes technologically advanced and ecologically sustainable at all steps.

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