Jewelry Retail to leverage latest technology – Google Glass

To access latest jewelry designs and products, apart from traditional stores, customers have only limited options in terms of jeweler’s online retail channel and the more recent mobile medium. Trade shows are where the trending and upcoming jewelry fashions are showcased by designers and retailers. But these trade shows are restricted only for industry players and there is often a significant time lag before the latest designs and products reach the retail consumers.


Diamond Concierge Services, a jewelry retailer, is going to transform this case by using Google Glass. Ron Khardi, founder of Diamond Concierge Services, plans to wear Google Glass during the JA New York Jewelry Show to be held on July 27-29 and at the New York Antique Jewelry & Watch Show on July 25-29 and provide live video streaming of the show’s vendor booth to consumer’s smartphone.


This will allow customers to see and access the numerous products real-time and will enable the vendors to sell them from inside the trade show itself. Diamond Concierge is betting on this new conceptualized mobile-to-mobile selling model. Though this is the first time such a technology adaption will be done by the jewelry retail industry and its success may take time but this pioneering initiative will definitely leap-forward the industry in our internet-age.


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