Jennifer Fisher debuts in the Lab-grown diamond movement

Lab-grown diamonds
[Image courtesy - Vogue]

Jewelry retailers joining the Lab-grown diamond market has become the latest trend, owing to the changing consumer demands and preferences. Only last month, world’s biggest diamond producerDe Beers stepped into the Lab-grown diamond market, shaking the industry with its decision to go against what it said years ago of never entering the Lab-grown diamonds jewelry market. Various others retailers like M. Geller, Mervis Diamond Importers, Swarovski, Hoover & Strong, Barney’s New York, Spence Diamonds et al have started selling Lab-grown diamonds.

Newest entry to the list of retailers is Jennifer Fisher – a New York-based influential jeweler who debuted its Lab-grown diamond collection in partnership with Diamond Foundry. The collection comprises of angular diamond ‘micro-studs’ which are cut in sleek, asymmetrical shapes like trillions, emeralds and keystones.

Keeping close eye to the consumer demand and changing view on diamonds, Fisher says, “As we’ve grown, people have been asking us more and more questions about [the origins of] our diamonds. This new generation wants to know that no one was harmed [in the mining of the stones], and that they essentially have a carbon footprint of zero. But at the same time, we’re getting tons of requests for diamond stud earrings—so I thought now was the perfect opportunity to become more sustainable.”

Fisher calls them the ‘next generation of diamond studs’. The sleek design and the asymmetrical cut of these studs, makes them perfect for layering and customers can easily mix-match two cuts. They make the earrings feel fresh and edgy.

The studs are between 0.15 carat to 1.0 carat, each of them made to order and priced accordingly. On an average the smaller studs with single emerald cut will be priced around USD 900, trillion-cut earrings will be around USD 1,900 and keystone-cut diamond stud will be priced at USD 2,875.

Fisher is excited by the partnership with Diamond Foundry and says, “I’m even more excited for the future because I know Diamond Foundry is growing really quickly, and their cuts will continue to get larger. As their business grows, it could be a really good opportunity for us to get into engagement rings.”

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