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If rumors are true, the latest version of much awaited iPhone – 6S will come with a variant that is studded with Diamonds and a hefty price tag of around USD 200,000. With a possible release soon, the Apple iPhone 6S will start at USD 7,995 but will have several high-end options, cheapest among which has been dubbed as ‘Apple iPhone 6S Lux’. This variant will have 2 layers of pure 24K yellow gold. Other high-end variants will have 18K pink gold and 950 platinum.


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The costliest variant however will be encrusted with diamonds and hence has been dubbed as ‘iPhone 6S Diamond Omni’, which reportedly will come with 53 carats of diamonds and carry a price of USD 199,995. Both, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will apparently have all the high-end luxury variants. Though no one is sure how the designs of iPhone 6S variants will look like.


[Image Courtesy: Brikk]
Though there has been no official announcement on this from Apple yet, the reputed luxury designer firm – Brikk has started taking pre-orders for various variants of iPhone 6S. Buyers can either pre-order these iPhones by paying the full amount upfront or a non-refundable deposit ranging from USD 2,500 to USD 25,000 based on the variant selected.



Upon official launch from Apple, these iPhones are expected to be shipped within 3 – 4 weeks time. Though this is still a speculation, Brikk previously had made the option available to preorder a 24-karat gold iPhone 6 months before it was launched, indicating that iPhone 6S studded with diamonds may very well be true. Diamonds encrusted in watches and even phones are not new but diamonds in iPhones may just make it more popular.


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