India’s leadership in diamond processing is well known. More than 8 out of 10 diamonds are cut and polished in India, primarily in the numerous processing units in the city of Surat. This sector however relies on the skills of around 400,000 craftsmen who use hand cutters and microscopes.

An Indian company – Sahajanand Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. has now developed a Laser technology for diamond processing. Using a high intensity laser beam that cuts and polishes diamonds, this advanced technology will enable to reduce human faults and boost production. By computer based design software, a shape of the diamond is selected and diamond is cut with precision using laser beams. Rahul Gaywala , CEO of the company, mentioned that this advanced laser technology will benefit the industry by better diamond quality and increased production.


Laser Technology - Diamonds 1 - ANI News, Sahajanand Technologies

[Image Courtesy: ANI News, Sahajanand Technologies]


India’s position as the world’s top diamond polisher is however getting challenged by China, beneficiation policies and new processing centers worldwide. After hugely investing in African mines, China has been able to get access to roughs that were earlier limited mostly to Indian processing centers.

Besides, the Indian processing sector faces other issues including aging workforceAt one point, India used to employ more than 800,000 workforce in the diamond cutting & polishing industry.

In such a scenario, the development and advancement of such Laser technology may act as a game-saver for India’s dominant processing position.


[Cover Image Courtesy: Macro Nero, Laserfest]

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