IGDA adds muscle to its representation of Lab-grown Diamonds

The International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA), a global body representing Lab-grown diamonds added 8 new members, almost doubling its membership.

IGDA, Lab-grown diamond
[Image Courtesy: Brilliant Earth]

The International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA), an international body representing the Lab-grown diamond sector after its recent launch in February this year has added muscle in terms of representation by adding 8 new members. IGDA was formed by 11 founding members comprising of Lab-grown diamond growers, distributors, retailers and technical experts with the purpose of creating a global platform that represents and promotes Lab-grown diamonds correctly and educate consumers and trade about the various attributes of Lab-grown diamonds.

Initial founding members of IGDA include:


The newly added members of IGDA include:

  • D.NEA (AOTC): US and Netherlands based, Lab-grown diamond producer, marketer and equipment manufacturer; has been added to the IGDA’s founding members category
  • The Fair Trade Jewellery Company (FTJCo): Canada based, Fairtrade and Fairmined metals jeweler dealing in ethical jewelry including Lab-grown diamonds; has been added to the IGDA’s corporate member category
  • Numined Diamonds: US based, Lab-grown diamond processor and retailer
  • The Gold Concept: US based, Jewelry store dealing in sustainable, handcrafted jewelry including Lab-grown diamonds
  • Caraxy: China based, Lab-grown diamond distributor
  • M. Geller, Ltd.: US based, diamond wholesaler providing loose diamonds including Lab-grown diamonds
  • Schubach Enterprises, Inc: US based, jewelry retailer dealing in Lab-grown diamond and synthetic gemstones
  • DM Gems: India based, Wholesaler of diamonds and gemstones including Lab-grown diamonds


With addition of these members and now representation from various geographies including US, China, Singapore, India, Philippines, Russia, Canada and Hong Kong, the IGDA has become a truly international body and its representation to the consumers, trade and industry will be vital given the soaring Lab-grown diamond sector and changing consumer preference towards these ethical diamonds.

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