Hoover and Strong announces addition of Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds
[Image Courtesy - PR Web]

Hoover and Strong, a US based precious metal manufacturer introduced Lab-grown diamonds to their product selection. It comes out as yet another addition to the ever-growing Lab-grown diamond market. The certified Lab-grown diamonds are called Harmony Lab-grown Diamonds.

Tony Hoover, President of Hoover and Strong says, “We have always felt that lab-grown diamonds are the ultimate ethical and environmental choice, but until now, have hesitated to add them to our product line. With the improvements in production and detection, however, we feel that Harmony Lab Grown Diamonds are another great choice for the consumer.”

Lab-grown diamonds have recently reached gem quality with advancing technology. They are now available in various sizes and qualities which make it a sustainable alternative to its customers.

In the past, various other companies have jumped in to selling Lab-grown diamonds, expanding the diamond market. Jewelers like Swarovski, Ada Diamonds, Barneys New York, Spencer Diamonds, AIDIA Fine Jewelers, Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry, Liberti Diamonds et al have launched various brands to promote Lab-grown diamonds.

Constant awareness by various means has made customers alert regarding the environmental and ethical harms caused by mined diamonds. The mere fact that there is 1.5 billion times more carbon emission while mining a diamond, than growing it in a laboratory is one of the factors influencing consumer preference to Lab-grown diamonds.

Along with switching to selling Lab-grown diamonds many jewelers are now also stepping it up by adding a social responsibility factor. Ada Diamonds donates 6% of their total profit to six different causes. AIDIA also supports some charitable partners selected by its customers.

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