Fresh entrants expand Lab Grown Diamonds retail market

Lab Grown Diamonds
[Image Courtesy: Ame Jewelry]

In the constantly burgeoning Lab Grown Diamond sector that has achieved 150,000 carats mark, new players are foraying with gusto and expanding the retail market. Here are some recent developments.


Kingston Jewellers launches Lab-grown diamond collection

Lab Grown Diamonds
[Image Courtesy: Kingston Jewellers Yorkshire]
UK-based Kingston Jewellers has launched its own brand of Lab-grown diamonds – Nova Diamonds. The company is offering a Lab-grown diamond ring collection initially, with stones ranging from 0.3 carats to 1 carat, in round brilliant cut with Laboratory certificates and laser inscription. The collection has solitaire, halo and trilogy Lab-grown diamond rings.


Kingston Jewellers will be sourcing its stones from Madestones – a European supplier of Lab-grown diamonds, with whom the company has collaborated, and is launching the collection after nine months of development. Kingston Jewellers has also collaborated with Treasure House, a mount specialist.


After previewing Lab Grown Diamonds at a gem fair in 2016 and following further developments, the company is one of the first in UK to offer a collection of 40 different Lab-grown diamond rings, available both instore and online. The company believes that the UK millennials are looking for ethical, transparent and better valued diamonds and they will be able to cater to this demand, and is also hoping to expand its range to Wedding Rings collection by Spring 2019.



The Jewelry Exchange launches new line of Lab Grown Diamonds for $499 per carat

Lab Grown Diamonds
[Image Courtesy: The Jewelry Exchange, GlobeNewsWire]
The Jewelry Exchange (Goldenwest Diamond Corporation) which was recently in the news being the first in the industry to advertise Lab-grown diamond jewelry, has added another line complementing its GLG rings and other pieces – True Radiant line of Lab-grown diamond jewelry. This new line is set to directly compete with De Beers’ recent launch of Lightbox Lab-grown diamonds, and will be available upto 1 carat for $499 against Lightbox’s pricing of $800 per carat.


Amid news of prices of Lab-grown diamonds being dropped by half for polished stones and by almost 3 times for wholesale ones in the last 2 years according to the recently published AWDC-Bain report, how Lightbox or even The Jewelry Exchange will be able to sustain at such prices remains a question for discussion for another time.


True Radiant is a full collection of rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, semi mounts and loose diamonds available for immediate purchase, and apparently is the only one with full line of Lab-grown diamond jewelry retail sale.



Twilight Actress Nikki Reed reselling Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds
[Image Courtesy: Yahoo, Build]
Hollywood actress Nikki Reed, famous for Twilight, has started reselling Lab-grown diamonds that are grown using Solar energy in California. These diamonds will be used for Nikki’s Engagement line and will add to her recycled jewelry on fashion line Bayou. While details of the Lab-grown diamonds are not available, Nikki prefers to call them Cultivated Diamonds.



London’s Lark & Berry launched in-store piercing studio

Lab Grown Diamonds
[Image Courtesy: Lark & Berry London]
Lab-grown diamond Jewelry brand – Lark & Berry which debuted online in May 2018 and opened its flagship store in London’s Marylebone district in September 2018, has launched an in-store piercing studio. While the founders embrace body jewelry adornment, apart from piercing studio they have launched a piercing collection made from 14 ct gold. Lark & Berry has also tied up with an expert body piercer for curating jewelry that minimizes scarring in new piercings, hoops that are thicker and designed specifically for piercings. They are the first jewelers to come out with an ear-piercing range using Lab-grown diamonds.


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