Fluorescent Diamonds to be popularized by Mask Jewellery

Few retail customers are aware that around 30% of diamonds are naturally fluorescent, a totally natural property, caused by nitrogen atoms filling gaps in the carbon lattice structure. Indeed with larger stones, strong fluorescence can have a negative impact on a stones’ value, but can help a stone with lower grade appear whiter and increase its value. This is true with stones that exhibit strong blue fluorescence as blue is the complimentary colour to yellow.



Some designers have used fluorescence in designs before but never has a brand taken on this property and made an effort to promote and add value to fluorescent diamonds.

Mask Jewellery, an ethical jewellery start-up is taking to crowdfunding website Kickstarter, to raise funds and awareness of its new range that uses fluorescent diamonds to hide a message within an item of jewellery.


Fluorescent Diamonds
[Image Courtesy: Mask Jewellery, Kickstarter]


Branded jewellery has shown strong growth and behind every brand is a story. Mask Jewellery tells the story of a beautiful form that masks a malevolent intent visualized using fluorescent diamonds. Pieces from the range subtly depict predators lurking in undergrowth, broken hearts and snared prey as well as offering customers to the chance to make completely unique pieces of jewellery with a hidden message within.

Letters, symbols, numbers or abstract visuals can be incorporated into designs and the potential for future collections and personalized jewellery is huge. Personalization has always been a popular theme and customers can create that on the surface mean one thing but have a totally hidden meaning.

The job of selecting diamonds with the same degree of fluorescence is undertaken by skilled sorters in London and the initial pieces for the range will be hand crafted there. Pieces will initially be available through an e-commerce website and one retail partner with a view to expanding retail partners. Appointments can be arranged and a website is being developed to allow customers to design their own jewellery with a hidden message via a ‘click and drop’ diamond setting model.


Fluorescent Diamonds
[Image Courtesy: Mask Jewellery, Kickstarter]


Initially stones for the range will come from Canada or Australia to be guaranteed conflict free although the brand is keen to contribute to improving supply chain accountability in all areas. Part of the start-up team is an ethical consultant based in Mozambique who advises on developments in fair-trade and accountability in East Africa.

Fluorescent Diamonds
Edward Fleming

The team visited Namibia at the start of the year to visit on-going efforts to develop a country that has lead the way in fair and sustainable development of its diamond industry. It is hoped that better accountability can be achieved to ensure that more diamond supply can be guaranteed conflict free.

Diamonds from all over the world can exhibit fluorescence in a range of colours although deep blue is the most common and best known.


The kickstarter campaign is looking to raise £15,000 to fund the creation of key pieces one of which will be entered into an industry design competition.


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