Express your love with diamonds, the eco friendly way

Wedding jewelry is the most important purchase in most people’s lives. It is seen as a symbol of love, commitment and status symbols in most parts of the world. Buying the right gems and diamonds for your special occasion is a challenge on multiple fronts – firstly it is going to cost you a significant amount, secondly it has to convey the right message to your loved one and lastly it is often seen and critiqued by many people. So you have to make a smart choice.

Mined diamonds have disastrous impact on the environment in form of destruction of region’s ecosystem, reduction in forest cover and displacement of local fauna. Mining leaves an imprint of several chemicals including mercury, which is not only a threat to the environment but also to our health. Fortunately you have these options to consider.

1) Choose a vintage or antique piece. It not only protects the environment from mining but also gives that rare and precious feel. Check if you can find the right piece in your family collection.

2) Go for lab grown gems. Technology has advanced far enough to grow diamonds that are not just gorgeous but environment friendly and conflict free. Many companies are now able to grow diamonds using process and conditions that mimic the process of mined diamond creation. Since these processes occur in labs there is no damage to earth and environment.

True and pure love calls for love for environment and the world. Go ahead and express your love the eco-friendly way.

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