EthicMark promoting sustainability in other sectors, announces 2016 award winners

[Image Courtesy: Eluxe Magazine]

Ethical Market Media, which promotes sustainable, socially responsible, ethical and environment friendly initiatives worldwide, had earlier this year started a new initiative through EthicMark® Gems standard, asking consumers to pledge to never purchase a mined gem and instead look for sustainable options like Lab-created diamonds. EthicMark® Gems challenges the global mining of gems as unnecessary, now that science has enabled to grow gems indistinguishable from those mined, and  certifies only gems created by earth-friendly materials science, are conflict and cruelty free, more humane and sustainable. Environmental and social negative effects of mined diamonds are the reason behind this initiative.

To further promote sustainability and set appropriate standards in other sectors as well including investing, finance and advertising, Ethical Markets Media recently announced its winners of 2016 EthicMark® Awards at the 27th annual SRI Conference held at Denver recently. Tata Capital from India and UN Women campaign from Egypt are the winners of this year for their advertising and media campaigns.

In 2004, EthicMark® Awards were founded by futurist Hazel Henderson. Since the management of Ethical Markets Media was taken by World Business Academy in 2008, the awards are being in two categories – for profit and non-profit socially responsible advertising and media communications. The value for the message being given, product or service being advertised through the advertisement and the merits and reputation of the company are the bases of EthicMark to evaluate advertisements. Thus, among the finalists across the globe, ‘Do Right Initiative’ of Tata Capital and ‘Give mom back her name’ of UN Women Egypt won the awards.

While Ethical Market Media founder Hazel Henderson was honored to deliver a Pioneer Presentation at the SRI Conference, its ex-Executive Director (and BDI Guest Author) Rosalinda Sanquiche is joining CSE North America and LaRae Long has been promoted to Executive Director. Earlier in August, Hazel also gave a live webinar for BrightTalk discussing Fintech sector and its good and bad news for inclusive sustainable finance. Ethical Market Media are not just championing sustainability in Gem and Jewellery sector but across various industries and verticals.

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