Engagement Ring Shopping Tips to Help You Find the Best Option

Engagement Ring
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An engagement ring is the most romantic thing ever in your life. Going as a couple or flying solo, an engagement ring is something you are likely to wear for a lifetime. Choosing the right engagement ring seems simple but gives so many jitters. 

You will have hundreds of questions like what it should look like or which cut you should go for? Emerald cut, Princess cut, Cushion cut, pear cut or radiant cut? Confused? Well, we are in the 21st century where the dazzling jewellery market has so much to offer for all the to-be-fiancée out there.

When it comes to picking up or making a decision for the ring, there are certain engagement ring shopping tips to help you find the best option. The best thing is, these tips aren’t that hard to follow!

1.   Don’t run behind the trend!

Are you buying this ring as a piece of statement jewellery or for the sake of your love? As we mentioned earlier, the engagement ring is something you are likely to wear for a lifetime. The engagement ring should define the classic symbol of love between you and your partner that will last eternally. Instead of running behind the latest millennial trends, run behind the hidden meaning which would make it even more special. 

Make sure the ring you go for should be the perfect match with your partner’s style. Hence, picking up the cues, the engagement ring should be timeless that you’ll wear every day. 

2.   Making a statement with size actually doesn’t matter much!

Going for a big fat size for an engagement ring is not always the right approach. Emphasizing on size may matter to some but the more important factor to consider is the clarity and colour.

As long as you find the right one, size really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you like it and so as your partner. The engagement ring defines your personal style and sometimes opting for a bigger size ring would make it look out of ‘bling’. Hence, focus more on the colour, clarity and personal style.

3.    Perfection is derived from Imperfection!

When you start researching, you will find jewellery experts talking about the “Four Cs”. The “Four Cs” stands for Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat. Influencing your decision about an engagement ring on the basis of grading might be an option but not always the right option. 

In order to find the right engagement ring, you don’t need a flawless stone. As a matter of fact, “Four Cs” are important but what’s more important is the feeling the ring gives you at first sight. Hence, the grade might serve as a beginning point, but not the sole factor to determine.

4.   Know your Metal!

The overall look of the engagement ring depends on the type of the band you pick. Be it platinum, rose gold or white gold, you will find several options for an engagement ring band. Navigate these guys for the most exclusive engagement rings.

5.   Know the Setting!

The setting should never be an afterthought. While you search for an engagement ring, the setting of a stone should be the next thing you look for after stone and metal. The two major factors you should consider for the setting are protection and highlighting the beauty of the stone. 

You can do something unique and different to be bold, but pick the ring that reflects your style. Instead of going all by yourself, find an expert in this area in order to follow the right path for it. You may go for a bezel, prong or any other setting that suits you the best.

6.   Price Tag shouldn’t be the only factor!

As a rule of thumb, a person should spend at least a 3-month salary on this piece of forever jewellery. However, there is no science behind how much you should spend on your engagement ring. At times when even the most expensive rings fail to win your heart, a simple and less expensive ring can do the trick. 

Although buying an engagement ring will bring memories that will last forever, there is no hard and fast rule for the same. Go for the one that resonates with your love and suits your fiancée the best!


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